Welcome to a Totally New Videxio Web Experience

By Videxio

Our mission has always been to make video communication as fun and easy as possible for any business, and we have now built a better, more friendly user experience than ever before.

We’re very excited to announce that the new web experience for all our users is now live. So, without further ado, we’re incredibly proud to introduce you to a sleeker, leaner, and more intuitive web-interface for video meetings, powered by Videxio:

1. We've transformed the UI

The first major difference you can see are the changes to the UI (user interface). But this isn’t just a lick of paint or a superficial facelift, oh no; the design has been developed to streamline navigation through the app, making your overall video and meeting experience smoother and simpler, whichever device you’re using:

  • If you click on the # option in the top-right menu, this brings up the list of all the Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) available for you to join, by appearing as a sidebar on the left hand side of the screenWelcome to Videxio videoconferencing room
  • You will notice in this list we’ve renamed VMRs to simply rooms. Don’t worry, they’re still the same super flexible virtual meeting rooms as before, we’ve just shortened the name 
  • Remember to select the room you wish to join from the rooms list before you get started
  • Click on the # button to hide the room list again


2. We've simplified how to join meetings and invite other people

To invite people to your meeting:

It’s easy for anyone to join your meeting in seconds. Previously, you had an option of sending an email through your native email client to people you wished to invite, providing them with a link to follow. 

Now, in addition to this function, you’ll see the shareable url link for your room displayed immediately below the Welcome message: 


Just click on copy and you can now paste and share the link however you want, via email, or other messaging services, to allow any guest user to join through their browser in a few short clicks:

  • Underneath the shareable link you will also find the advanced room info


  • Clicking on this will display all the complete room details for the alternative ways people can access your meeting room
  • Again, this text is instantly shareable by hitting copy text, so you can paste and share the information with people in the way you prefer. The information displayed covers:  
    • a web browser link
    • Skype for Business
    • videoconferencing systems link
    • telephone (audio only; with dialling number & conference code)  


To Join a meeting:

The fastest way is to simply choose the Get started button (option 'A'), which will take you straight through to the meeting room interface.


Otherwise, you can select option ‘B’, to join with another device or app, guiding you through connecting via:

  1. PC or Mac software client
  2. video hardware system 
  3. telephone (for audio only)


Once into the meeting room interface, you’ll find some new settings to help give you more control over how you join a meeting room:

  • New features make it possible to mute the camera or the microphone before joining a meeting room- just click on the icons to turn them blue before you enter the room. By using these buttons you can still re-enable the camera or microphone at any point during the call


  • If you want to reduce your data usage, you can also check the Joining using Audio + Presentation only mode
  • This means you won’t be on video or able to share content yourself, but you can still see any content displayed via screen sharing by other participants, as well as receive their audio feeds. Perfect for when you’re out in the field, or stuck in airports or hotels, but still need to stay in the loop back home


  • If this is your first time logging into the updated service, it’s probably worth going into the Settings tab to check the defaults for the camera, microphone, and speakers to make sure the correct sources are selected  
  • You can also choose the picture quality- the default is ‘medium’ - this works by helping you select the bandwidth you would like to use to give you the best possible experience for your current connection environment


  • You will see a notification warning if screen sharing hasn't yet been enabled in your chosen browser (no message means screen sharing is already enabled!)
  • If you do see this message it only takes a few moments to install the necessary plugin or browser extension

3. Managing your meeting

We’ve now optimized managing a meeting for touch screen devices so that it’s simple to manage a meeting from any device. You’ll also notice you can view the same info about the meeting and it’s participants inside the call as you can outside of the call:

  • Clicking on the people icon next to the # button will display your participant list


  • You can now scroll quickly through the participants list easily via your cursor or touch screen 
  • You can manage individual users, either by muting their microphone, or clicking the X next their name in order to disconnect them from the call
  • Selecting Disconnect All at the top of the list will end the call for everyone currently participating 


  • It’s now even easier to hide or show the view of your own camera feed during the call while your camera is on


  • You can now mute your camera during a meeting as well as beforehand. Click on the camera icon at the bottom-centre position of the screen so that it so that it turns blue 


  • You can now invite someone to a room by calling them from the room itself. Not only are you now able to dial out to your company contacts, video addresses or remote IP addresses, even better — you can dial out to multiple addresses at the same time!


  • Start by clicking on Invite someone and then Dial colleague or video address. Now simply click names to remove them before dialling
  • If you’re using an endpoint video system (videoconferencing devices) to host your meeting, you can now use your mobile device to manage the meeting via the app


So, there you have it, a full rundown of all the new features and enhanced video collaboration experience with Videxio's web interface! We’d love to hear some of your thoughts, so let us know what you think.

You can drop us a line and share your comments at, as we want to keep offering you better video experiences every single day. We can't help it— video is in our DNA!  

by Videxio

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