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Videxio Launches New App for Automated Scheduling with Outlook: My Meeting Video for Outlook

By Tom Banks

Welcome to faster, simpler scheduling for your video meetings. With My Meeting Video for Outlook, it’s easier than ever before to automatically schedule new video meetings with Videxio and your Outlook work calendar.

The app provides a shortcut button in your Outlook interface so that when you schedule a new meeting and click the shortcut, your virtual meeting room’s unique link is automatically added to the invite.

This link, containing your room’s complete dial-in details, is now available to all guests added to the event invite. No more manual cutting and pasting your video address into invites, or worrying if people will have the right video address for your meeting. Just add the meeting to your calendar, click the shortcut, and hey presto, all your guests have the same link.


Here’s What You Need to Know

Getting started with the app is simple, whether your current Videxio user or brand new to our service. Here’s a quick introduction to how the app works:

Download My Meeting Video for Outlook from the AppSource Store.jpg

  • It's available for users on both Mac and PC
  • To use the app, your email server should be a Microsoft managed domain (Microsoft doesn't enable the use of third-party apps from their store without a registered Microsoft account)
  • So users should either:
    • Manage their email with an Office 365 account (via the Outlook web page or “webmail” login)


    • Manage their email via their organization’s Exchange account (check with your IT team if you’re not sure). Exchange accounts can be accessed online or through the Outlook desktop app


Getting Started

Once you have downloaded My Meeting Video for Outlook, getting started is easy:

  • Schedule a new meeting event inside your Outlook calendar as usual:

Schedule a new calendar event in Outlook.jpg

  • The MMV for Outlook shortcut appears in your Outlook calendar toolbar

The My Meeting Video Shortcut button.jpg

  • Click the new shortcut to open up the app in the right-hand side of your calendar window
  • If it’s your first time using the app you’ll need to log in
    • Use the login you usually use for your meeting room
    • This connects your meeting room to your Outlook calendar
    • If your company has enabled single-sign on (SSO) on our service, you can quickly log in with your existing login details by selecting your usual log in option you use for other tools

Log into My Meeting Video for Outlook.jpg

  • Now use the Add meeting link button in the app. This adds your room’s unique link to the meeting invite, including any guest PIN you have added to the room

Add meeting link to invite.jpg

  • Guests can now use the link and follow the instructions on-screen for joining the meeting in their preferred way:
    • Purpose-built videoconferencing devices
    • With their preferred web browser
    • Through the Skype for Business app
    • My Meeting Video app (desktop / mobile / tablet devices)


We know how powerful video collaboration can be, but we also know it can be frustrating it can be if it's too hard to manage, host, and invite people to your next meeting isn't as quick as any other type of meeting.

We believe in a better way to work. We are Videxio. Happy collaborating!


Any thoughts on the new app? We'd love to hear them. Drop us a line at any time at!

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by Tom Banks

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