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Report to Scope Out Possibilities for Underwater Videoconferencing Network to Enable Submarine Communication

Oslo, Norway, 1st April, 2016 – Videxio is known for its cloud video service, which enables high quality video communication across the globe through a dedicated network of data centers (PoPs). As the potential next step in the development of this network, Videxio has been contacted by the Navy to carry out a feasibility study into creating a network of underwater PoPs. A subsea network would enable submarine crews to communicate effectively over high quality video while submerged. Submarines are at their most vulnerable above sea level but they have traditionally been forced to surface in order to communicate with the use of an antenna. The hope is that an underwater cloud would replace this need.

“This is an extremely exciting proposition for Videxio Labs, Videxio’s innovation incubator. Secure, high quality communication is of utmost importance for the military and we are pleased that the Navy has recognized Videxio’s cloud service as a potential replacement for the traditional radio communication utilized by submarines. An underwater cloud of this type will be the first of its kind, as far as we know”. 

Tom-Erik Lia, CEO, Co-Founder, Videxio AS

According to John Whiteclay Chambers II, a distinguished professor of history at Rutgers, “Information technology will continue to transform military communications. Because the value of information increases exponentially through dissemination, its potential is virtually limitless” (iCommunications, The Oxford Companion to American Military History). Videxio is excited to be involved in the potentially historic development of an underwater cloud, taking military communication to the next level and building on our mission of putting video at the heart of every conversation.

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