New Release: My Meeting Video v.2.1: The Meeting App that puts You in Control

By Tom Banks

 With our video meeting app, My Meeting Video 2.0 we wanted to make sure you always stay firmly in the picture, with the ability to utilize effective business communication wherever you are.

The app offers professional videoconferencing users a platform to make fun, productive video calls from any device, whether you’re at the office, at home, or on the go. You could say it’s the app that lets you say “hello” to world, face-to-face.

Now, with this latest release, 2.1, we’ve added even more great features and functionality to help you get the most from your video collaboration.

This is the release that puts you in control of your meetings like never before.


1. For all rooms


- See a list of your call participant while you’re in a call in a room

During a call, use this function to quickly view the participant list and see who's inside the room right now.



- Share a link to join the call from inside a meeting room

Ever wanted to invite someone to join your current call from inside a meeting room? Now you can! Just open up the participant list and tap the more options icon to share the link to the room you're using.

"Ever wanted to invite someone to join your current call from inside a meeting room? Now you can!"

2. For your personal room


Control meetings in your room

We’ve added several ways to get into your room’s participant list. This means you can use your mobile or tablet device as a remote control to manage meetings you're hosting.

Don't just host meetings, control them.


1. Open the list at any time during a call



2. When you're not making a call, access the list from the Rooms tab



3. Alternatively, view it from the Call history tab for an individual room



4. We've saved the best for last! Introducing the new My Meeting Video widget that gives you access from outside the app. From your device's home screen you can open your list in just a single click (Android devices) or a double click (iOS devices).


The New My Meeting Video App for iOS 













The New My Meeting Vdeo App for iOS


Using the participant list on your device to manage the meeting

  • Mute a participant to block unwanted interruptions or noisy backgrounds. Turn their microphone back on when you need to hear their words of wisdom



  • Disconnect someone in the room from the call. It's entirely up to you if you choose to accompany this action with the words "You are the weakest link. Goodbye!"



  • Lock / unlock the room. Make sure your top secret meetings stay top secret with the touch of a button



Using the room widget for quick access to your room’s participant list and invite someone by dialing

We wanted to make it as easy and fast as possible for you to invite someone to your room. By using the new widget, you can access the participant list and dial a new participant without having to enter the app.



3. Other updates & improvements

  • The design of the Next meeting and My room views has been refreshed with new-look buttons that are easier to operate



  • Whenever you open the app it detects if someone is inside your room and alerts you with an in-app notification



As always, we want your feedback! All our updates and releases always rely on large amounts of user feedback to help us design a better experience for our users.

Team Videxio want to bring better collaboration to all, one meeting at a time.

Please drop us an email at and let us know what you think!



by Tom Banks

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