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New Feature Update! Manage In-Call Settings During an Active Call

By Tom Banks

Somewhere, in several top-secret locations across the globe, a very important video meeting is just about to begin:

“Can you hear me…? I can’t hear anyone...I’m not muted...”

“We can hear you, but we can’t see you…”

“Have you got your speakers on? I think you have the wrong camera selected.”

“They can’t hear you. Someone send them a message and tell them to turn their speakers on…”

“Hang on, I can’t hear anyone. I’m just going to hang up and try calling back in.”

And repeat…

One of the most common (and easily fixable) problems videoconferencing users experience is issues with their audio or picture connectivity when joining a meeting or call from a desktop app or through a web browser.

To help users better manage their in-call settings, My Meeting Video uses the Settings control panel to let you view and adjust your device’s settings before making a call. It lets you easily check:

  • Which available camera is selected

  • Which available microphone is selected

  • Which available speaker channel is selected 

  • Your call quality settings (lets you adjust the app's bandwidth settings depending to your current local wifi or broadband connection. Choose Medium or Low to allow for more stable connections on slower networks like a hotel wifi connection)

Adding more flexibility for managing call settings:

With this latest release, we have improved the Settings control panel even further, making it available during a call. So now, you don't need to disconnect from a call to update My Meeting Video's camera and audio settings: 

  • You can swap your selected camera, mic, or speakers in-call during an active call or meeting (if you have more than just default options available
  • When switching microphones, the audio bar preview is displayed so you can check if the selected device is producing sound
  • When switching cameras, you’ll be able to see the video feed from the camera that's selected 
  • We’ve also redesigned the settings control panel to make it easier to use

Mange your call setting during an active call

Update My Meeting Video's audio and camera settings during an active call


Being able to check these settings live during an active call makes it much easier to identify any connectivity problems you might be having with your camera or audio without needing to disconnect from a call.

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by Tom Banks

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