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 MyVidexio is Evolving: Upgrades to the Videxio Web Experience 

By Videxio
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A few months ago we introduced a totally new web experience for our users. Since then, we’ve received loads of really useful feedback from users from all around the world and we've been working hard to see what we could do to keep improving the service.  So after some long days and even longer nights, here’s the latest batch of improvements our products team have cooked up for My Videxio. Enjoy!


Shortcuts to join using Skype for Business or videoconferencing units

We've made it easier to join for Skype to Business users - you can now join in a single click when using Windows.

Similarly, joining with a videoconferencing unit now only requires two steps:

  1. Click the video unit icon
  2. Then choose the manufacturer of your video system/endpoint
You can now join with Skype for Business in one tap on Windows, and through video hardware in two. 
Joining Skype for Business on Windows opens the room and instructs you where to tap to join


Room Hosts & Admin Users: We’ve moved the Copy room link toolbar

The room link was perhaps a little distracting for some users situated in the center of the Welcome page. So reduce that feeling of "Must. Not. Press. The. Big. Red. Button", we've moved the toolbar from the center of the page to the top left-hand corner of the header menu bar. It's still easy to copy and share you room link in moments, but it gives some of the other user options more room to breath.

The link to your room is now in the top left 


Inviting participants to the room by dialling is easier than ever 

We've cut down the number of steps required to dial out from inside a meeting room to add a participant to the room.  

First step, we've added a + button to the in-call controls. This acts as a shortcut to your contact list: 


Inviting someone by dialling is easier than ever


Second step, we've added an extra tab when inviting someone, to choose how you would prefer to invite them: invite by dialing or share link to the room. We've set the default to the dialing option but you can swap between the tabs with one click:  


You can now install the screen sharing extension during the call

It's now possible to install the right plugin or extension for screen sharing during a call. We know sometimes you and your guests are in a rush to join the meeting and sometimes it was easy to forget to make sure you had the right plugin or extension for your preferred web browser installed to share you screen. This will help your guests, especially if they haven't used our service before; now, even if they miss the warning to install the plugin or extension before they join a meeting, they'll still get a notification in-call when they try to share their screen and can install it without leaving the meeting room.  

Now you can install browser extensions during the call too! 🎉


We've also made a host of other minor upgrades and improvements to make the user experience smoother than ever:


  1. The in-call control icons are now easier to understand. They now display as their active state instead of displaying as one state which is either on/off 
  2. This means for example, if your camera is on then the button has no line appearing through the icon. The line stuck through the icon will only appear when you press the button to mute teh came an the acxtive state is off. 
  3. So, if your microphone is not muted, it will not have a line through it
  4. The Lock button displays as locked while the room is locked and unlocked while the room is open
  5. This also applies to the mute icons in participants in the the participants list
  6. New tooltips indicate what is happening as you click the buttons and the active state of each button changes


  • We’ve simplified the interface when you open a link to a room on your phone for both guests and logged-in users:
The room interface when joining from a mobile phone
  • Now, when your camera is on but your self-view is hidden, the button now displays Show self-view inside the button, whilst a new tooltip reminds you that Your camera is on:
  • When using a smartphone we've made it easier to add a new participant by dialing out from inside the room.  The Dial button now appears at the bottom of the screen and "sticks", or remains persistent at the bottom of the page as you scroll down the rest of the page:
  • When hovering over buttons in the interface the tooltips now appear instantly, plus they look more stylish than ever before: 
Instant, stylish tooltips to keep you in the picture
  • We've modified the menu layout to enhance usability for touchscreen users on mobile and tablet devices, with more space between the buttons:
More spacious menu, easier to tap on mobile devices


  • We've included clearer, more detailed instructions on how to join Skype for Business manually when using MacOS. We've also added button to open the room address in a single click (this works for users when Skype for Business is the only video app installed): 
Joining manually with Skype for Business for Mac now has three easy to follow steps
  • During presentations and screen sharing, the Mute Microphone button is now displayed either in the bottom-right corner of the screen, or above your Self-view whenever this is not hidden or your camera is muted: 
Your microphone is muted indicator is now on top of your self-view in the bottom right corner
  • We made some of the buttons go on a diet to slim down - we think it was successful: 


In-call buttons, before and after

 We hope you like the changes we’ve made. As always, please don’t hesitate to let us know what you think of the improvements and what you’d like to see next by e-mailing us at 

by Videxio

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