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Do More With Video - Introducing Videxio Live

By Videxio


We want people and businesses to do more with video. That was the straightforward premise behind the development of our latest release, Videxio Live. We understand the power of videoconferencing in helping companies to communicate more effectively, but we also know that sometimes it’s not possible to reach absolutely everyone you want to in one video meeting or conference event.

At the same time, live video events have become an ever more mainstream feature for many organizations in the form of live streaming events, particularly via social media and platforms such as Facebook Live and YouTube Live.  

The power of video to engage audiences has long been known, but enhanced impact of live video is becoming indisputable; live videos on Facebook now generate audiences around three times larger on average than recorded videos. And video content as a whole, both live and precorded gets shared across social media more than any other type of content and more than text and image content combined. Many businesses are discovering that video, either live or recorded, is helping them to engage employees and audiences more effectively than ever before.

While many organizations are starting to wake up to the possibilities of streaming and video content, arranging a live event can seem like a daunting prospect for many people. Live streaming event has gained popularity as an idea in large part because you don’t usually need much more than a smartphone and an internet connection to get started.  But for companies looking to create something a little more profesional, the explosion of streaming and how to take advantage poses some challenges.


For example how to easily connect multiple participants in or hosts in a live event when they're spread across different physical locations and probably using a vareity of devices and technology platforms into one video event? And how to ensure workflows are not too technical for the average user to manage successfully? Or how about data - a private individual may not always be too converned with how public their content and data are, but most enterprises who need to create video content want to be certain about the control they have over sharing, storing, and archiving their data. 

We have been using Videxio’s streaming solution integrated with YouTube for our monthly all-hands and it has shown to be a very reliable and effective way to reach out to our organization who are located all over the world. Using YouTube ensures easy access for everybody anywhere in the world with no limitations on participants.”                                                                                                                                    unnamed.jpg


Reach Unlimited Audiences in Minutes

Videxio Live enables any virtual meeting room registered on our cloud service with live streaming and recording functionality. Users now have the ability to create self-service scheduled or ad hoc streaming / recording events in minutes, along with a huge range of options in how to publish and share content, allowing any business to utilize their videoconferencing resources for more than just video meetings.

Whether it's for a company all-hands meeting, discussion panels, training seminars, or simply to bring someone up to date who couldn't attend the meeting, users will be able to stream and record amazing video events directly from a virtual meeting room to audiences of any size.

  • Video participants at up to 30 locations can dial into a meeting room from any device, using a browser, our dedicated videoconferencing app, a Skype for Business account, or  a purpose-built videoconferencing unit (SIP/H.323 dialing)
  • Invite special guests to join on video from anywhere in the world
  • Audiences with the correct link can watch the event on any device using their regular browser, meaning audience size can be unlimited - reach 10 people or 10 million people with the same resources
  • Two integration options mean that both regular and advanced users can easily organize events without needing extra resources or support from your IT team:
    • An out-of-the-box YouTube Live integration helps anyone to begin streaming and recording from their meeting room in just a few clicks
    • A custom integration using RTMP (real-time messaging protocol), a standard-technology across the streaming industry
  • The custom integration allows users to create events with more options for how content is stored and shared with audiences, using their choice of supported third-party platform
  • Content is archived and stored on users’ chosen third-party platform so they don’t need to worry about storing large amounts of data as more content is produced
  • Videos  can be viewed and shared directly from the user dashboard in the Videxio meeting room

The best news is that Videxio Live is free to activate for all customers with at least one user license for a virtual meeting room.You can learn more about Videxio Live by taking the product tour, where you can also request your 30-day free trial. 

by Videxio

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