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Introducing My Meeting Video Scheduler for Google Calendar

By Tom Banks

In this release, we’re launching the My Meeting Video Scheduler Chrome extension (available in the Chrome web store) to let you easily schedule meetings in Google Calendar. When installed in Chrome, the extension lets you schedule a new video meeting in your calendar in just a couple of clicks! 

Scheduling a new meeting inside a "one-time use" room:

If you’d like to generate a unique link for your meeting, check the Create a one-time-room (Beta) option when adding your first meeting. One-time use rooms are available to all Videxio users with a paid plan (Videxio Teams / Videxio Enterprise).  

Schedule a new video meeting in Google Calendar
Schedule a new meeting in your personal meeting room:
When scheduling a new event in your meeting room you have a couple of options about what information is included:
(i) Add the Simple meeting link (recommended) - adds your room's online link only. 
ii) Add the Advanced room info - adds the full dial-in details for all supported platforms and device supported by the room.

Using the simple link makes it easy for your guests to join the meeting right away without needing to read a lot of text (users can still access the other dial-in options for other devices with the same link).  

Choosing the Add advanced room info option makes it easier for guests to find exactly the right dial-in address for their preferred device without needing to open the online link. This option includes the joining instructions for browser, Skype for Business, videoconferencing room systems (SIP/H.323 devices), and traditional telephone (audioconferencing) dial-in. 

And both options will include your room's Guest PIN code if you have one set, so your guests have all the information they need all in the invite. 



Saving your preferences:

If you’d like to always use the same type of room and the same type of text, you can select Always use this choice, to save your preferences so you don't need to reselect these options every time you schedule a meeting. And of course, you can always reset this in your settings.

As always, feel free to let us know what you think of the latest changes by emailing us at

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by Tom Banks

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