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New Feature Update: Identify the Source of Unwanted Background Noise

By Tom Banks


With our latest update, meeting hosts and company admins can now quickly and easily see which participant is generating noise at any particular time.


The Participants list inside My Meeting Video allows a host or company admin user to view and monitor all the active participants currently dialed in to the meeting. In order to better manage a meeting, hosts or admins can use the list to mute or disconnect individual guests, as well all users.



Knowing who to mute:

However, we often received feedback from users describing that sometimes, it isn’t always easy to know who to mute from the list.


With this latest feature, we’ve updated the Participants list to make the microphone icon next to each participant an “active” noise indicator. This means it will actively change which users are currently making noise via a changing color state to turn blue when a user is sending audio.


So now, if there is a sudden interruption of unwanted background noise, say from a faulty microphone, or a user who’s in a noisy public place such as an airport or train station, it’s really quick to see who is making the noise and be able to mute their audio. 


Using the noise indicator to mute a guest:

Whilst guests can view the Participants list, only a meeting host or a company admin can mute other guests from the list:


  • In the list, check the Microphone icon next to each participant’s name
  • If this has actively “changed” state from grey to blue, it is indicating that this specific user is making noise
  • If you would like to mute the guest, tap the microphone icon / active noise indicator next to their name
  • To unmute the guest, the host or admin user should tap the Microphone icon again from the Participants list



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by Tom Banks

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