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My Meeting Video Feature Updates

By Tom Banks

“Join with video system” from your mobile.


Use your smartphone to connect with your company’s video systems and dial into any video meeting wirelessly, without needing to enter a dialing address or meeting link.

How it works:

From the mobile app users have several joining options for joining a meeting from their calendar.

We have now added a brand option, Join with video. When this option is selected for a scheduled meeting, the app opens up a list of all your company’s registered video conferencing systems.

From the list, simply tap on the preferred video system to connect it remotely with the app and join the meeting from the video system. No dialing required.




Getting Started:

This feature is available for companies that have registered their video systems on the Videxio network and for users who are logged into the My Meeting Video app.

Before using the feature, you should ensure your work calendar is synced with My Meeting Video on your mobile device (in the app Settings>Calendar).

Once your calendar is synced:

  • Check the meeting you wish to join is displaying in the schedule tab inside the My Meeting Video mobile app
  • When you’re ready to join the meeting, walk into the conference room where the video system you wish to use is located
  • Once inside the room simply tap the scheduled meeting in the My Meeting Video app
  • From the different joining options, select Video system to open the list of your company’s registered video systems
  • From the list, tap the name of the video system you want to use to join the meeting
  • Accept the incoming call on the video system’s touch panel to connect into your meeting or call


Other tips:

- It’s a good idea for your IT team to make sure the names of each video system match the name of the physical meeting room they’re located in. If your company has a lot of dedicated video systems in use, this will make it easier for users to find the right video system from the list.


- Inside the list of video systems, you’re able to star an item to save it at the top of the list. That way, if there is a system you use regularly, it will always be at the top of the list without having to scroll.


- This feature will work with any available video system in your company (as long as it’s not already in use!). This means you can schedule and plan meetings without needing to book a specific video system in advance. Simply plan your meetings and invite the participants. When you’re ready, walk into an available conference room, select the room’s video system from the list on your phone and tap to connect. That’s it!


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My Meeting Video is made with ❤️ by Videxio, a Pexip service.

by Tom Banks

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