Videoconferencing remote teams

Why videoconferencing is essential when managing remote teams

By Tom Banks

Managing  people in remote teams can be an entirely different challenge than managing people in an office, sitting side by side with you. Things that work in an office don’t always work when managing remote teams. Videoconferencing has shown to be a very efficient and a crucial tool when working in teams that are not sitting in the same room.

According to a recent study by Wainhouse Research and Polycom, videoconferencing increased efficiency by 94% for enterprise videoconferencing users, which underlines the importance of having a solution that can bring your team together as well as increase efficiency.

Videxio has gathered a few reasons why videoconferencing is essential for managing remote teams:

Non-verbal communication

As a team leader or someone managing a remote team, it’s important not to be misunderstood as angry or strict in situations when you are not. You might have heard employees or colleagues state that “my leader is not using emojis. She seems so angry all the time.” This is not a environment you want to have in your team.

Research has shown that most human communication is nonverbal. Body language cues, such as facial expressions, body posture, gestures or eye movement, are an important part of conversations and can remove misunderstandings that easily happens when communication is only done by text or phone.

Working in remote teams, it is therefore vital that your employees or colleagues can see you when you are communicating with them. Videoconferencing is a great business tool for teams to decrease the amount of misunderstanding or poor communication in remote teams because the communication is done face-to-face.

Whether you’re gauging their reaction to a change in plans, or just trying to judge their overall mood that day, video tells you way more than an audio-only call or mail will ever reveal.

Get your answers right away

According to Harvard Business Review, the average frontline supervisor devotes about eight hours each week to sending, reading and answering e-communications. That is a whole work day just to emails.

With the right videoconferencing tool, you can get your answers in an instant, eliminating the need for time-consuming planning and emailing. It allows for good, old-fashioned face-to-face communication in just a few seconds.

How nice would it be to lessen the time spent reading long email threads or waiting for a response to your email?

A cloud video tool lets you communicate with your whole team, regardless of your location or your device. That means that you can have high-quality video calls on your smartphone or tablet, while on the go.

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Maintains relationships and builds trust

Building trust within your virtual team does not only boost job satisfaction, but it encourages openness and communication – two of the most important foundations of a successful business today.

When you are working in remote teams, it can seem more difficult to get to know your employees or colleagues. Being able to see the people you are working with, through videoconferencing, in remote teams, creates trust in each other and builds relationships even though you are not sitting beside each other.

In short, an excellent videoconferencing tool provides that personal touch that email and instant messaging can only dream about.

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High-quality video

Perhaps the most frustrating part of working with a remote team is dealing with blurry video chats. There’s nothing like a potato-quality video call to dampen your business mojo.

Choosing a cloud videoconferencing solution to implement as a business tool for your remote team can ensure high-quality video which then again will provide high-quality meetings, not having to deal with bad connection or poor pictures.

By using a dedicated video network as opposed to public internet networks, cloud video promises exceptional quality – regardless of how many people you have on the call.

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A pro tip is to look for a solution that has a network and coverage that fits your preferences, and if they offer a reliable service to the countries you often call.

With a videoconferencing service that gives you high-quality meetings that anyone can join, you’ll build stronger relationships and work smarter with your remote team.

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by Tom Banks

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