Why invest in business-quality videoconferencing? It’s in the ROI

By Lindsey Baine

You’ve spent weeks preparing for this meeting. You’ve researched the decision-makers, created a meticulous plan, and now it’s game time. You call into the video meeting to make your big presentation, but wait...first you must download a plugin? Your PIN is not recognized? That decision-maker on the other end sounds like he’s talking underwater? We’ve all experienced these frustrations when using a low-end videoconferencing platform. And we get it. You’ve got a business to run, and you just need something that works.

But have you ever stopped to consider the ROI you’re missing?

Not every videoconferencing solution is the same. Some will tout lower prices, but in the end, cost your organization both time and money. However, the right solution - one that’s built for business - can deliver value in the following ways:

  1. Maximize your existing IT investments. Get more out of your existing conference room technologies including displays, control systems, and devices. You can quickly and easily connect these systems to a cloud-based environment for a seamless experience.
  2. Help employees talk to anyone, anytime. Workers today are more connected than ever and use multiple devices ranging from iPhones and Androids to iPads and PCs. The days of device-specific applications are over, and businesses must evolve with an interoperable solution that keeps everyone on the same page.

  3. Grow with your company. Many videoconferencing tools in the market lure users with a cheap entry price. When you need to add licenses, however, the costs quickly become exorbitant. A business-ready solution gives you the features and licenses you need from day one, so there are no surprises down the road.

  4. Allow you to recoup time and improve productivity. Say goodbye to lost meeting minutes straining to hear the person on the other end or getting dropped from the network. With a business-quality solution, you have the network coverage you need for a productive meeting.

  5. Provide the support you need. With a robust reporting and analytics suite, you can be sure that your organization is getting the most from your videoconferencing solution and that your investment is well-used.

Your brand is on the line. Whether you realize it or not, you are delivering a brand experience to customers, clients, partners, and employees with each video meeting. The right experience is seamless and fades into the background so you can focus on the content of your meeting. The wrong experience? That can leave attendees frustrated and detract from your brilliant content.

So the next time you have a big presentation, will you risk a poor brand experience using a low-quality videoconference solution? Or will you invest in the right tools to keep your customers and employees happy?

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Increasing productivity and profit through videoconferencing

by Lindsey Baine

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