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What Customers Say About Videxio

By Tom Banks

Videxio can help you connect with international clients, make it easier to manage remote teams, and strike a better work-life balance. But don’t just take our word for it. We polled customers on Capterra, and here’s what they have to say about using Videxio’s cloud video conferencing.

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What our customers say

Quality and reliability are two of the most important aspects ofVidexio’s service. Additionally, what’s repeatedly mentioned when customers talk about Videxio is the interoperability and ease of use. These in particular are so important in companies where many different people are to use the same system.

Are you curious as to exactly what our customers say? Well, here you have it:

Marc S.says, “Videxio's service is reliable, consistent, and easy to use!” He states further that the quality of the service is second to none. “I have yet to have a call where the quality was less than stellar and I am on several hours of video per week. Having the ability to connect up to 50 other users to my personal room is more than enough and quality never suffers. There is nothing worse than having a video call where everyone is buffering and no one knows how to join the call. There are also many platforms to join from - web browser, app, or client.”

“Very easy to use and convenient. Quality is very good and makes face to face meetings easier,” says Mike W., Regional Account Executive in a company with 51-200 employees. They have used the software for over two years and they especially like, Mike says, the fact that it’s simple. All can join quickly and easily. “All I have to do is send a link and any number of people can join the call.”

Allan Rud H., Activity Committee Chairman in his company, which has used Videxio for over two years, says: “Best cloud video service on the market, by far.” The pros, he mentions, are the strong interoperability and the customer driven approach. “The Videxio team delivers the best in class feature lift. The service delivers an ease of use experience, all the way from the client to the one button to join solution, enabling everybody to use video with ease."

“Compatibility & Interoperability” is what Francisco Jair G., a Sales Specialist in Visual Communication emphasizes. His favorite parts of the service?  “YouTube publishing to increase the users there, Manage Sessions for overview, and the 3 levels of security, lock, closing and host or guest pin.”

“Very easy to use - the picture quality is excellent and interoperability is key” – Greg S., Director of Service Sales. and He loves that it’s built for videoconferencing - and registers the endpoints. “It is also much less dependent on the web - the coverage in China is robust and as many of our customers have locations there, it’s a decisive factor.”

Want to know even more about what our customers say about us? Read our case studies here.

Who are we?

Videxio was started by three Norwegians who shared one dream: Making quality video for businesses accessible to all, regardless of location, budget and technical knowledge. Now, several years down the line, Videxio’s video conferencing tool is used in more than 190 countries and 12,000 cities worldwide.

Our service lets you host and join video meetings in seconds and gives you unlimited video with unrivaled performance. By the way, it’s fully compatible with Skype for Bbusiness and Google Hangouts Meet. Additionally, Videxio’s products lets you hook up with a wide range of hardware suppliers such as Polycom, Huawei, Logitech, and Cisco.

“Activate your hardware, empower your users”

Read more about who we are here.

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by Tom Banks

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