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Videxio Launches new version of  My Meeting Video app: MMV 2.0

By Tom Banks

Videxio’s desktop app, My Meeting Video, makes it possible for users to easily manage and participate in video meetings and video calls across multiple devices, making it easy to “do” professional videoconferencing from pretty much anywhere, at any time.

But today, we’re releasing the latest version of the app, that makes face-to-face collaboration from any device better than ever before. The update is for both My Meeting Video for desktop, plus our web app, and includes made some big upgrades to improve usability and add even more features.

Some key highlights of MMV 2.0 for desktop and web:

  • An improved user interface with single design used for both web and desktop
  • Registered Videxio users can now place and receive video calls inside their web browser - no desktop app required!
  • The desktop app now available for Videxio Free users for the first time


A Sleek New Look for Desktop and Browser

Previously, when logging in online, your meeting room’s Welcome page acted as a “homepage”. From your browser, this page is the the fastest way to join a meeting in just a couple of clicks. But to manage their account and perform other tasks, users had to use the menu dashboard and navigate to other pages.


With this release we have:

  • Incorporated the Welcome page design into the desktop app
  • Updated the Welcome page with a new sidebar for improved usability
  • This sidebar allows lets users to easily switch between different tab views. Quickly swap between tabs:
    • Calling history
    • Contacts directory
    • Meeting room directory
    • Account profile
  • The Welcome page still acts as your homepage
    • On the web, all options for joining a room are displayed
    • The desktop app offers a single default option: Prepare to call / join


The old Welcome page versus the new welcome page with sidebar
The old Welcome page vs. the  new Welcome page with sidebar


New Features for the Web

We know many of our users prefer to log in via a web page, rather than using the app, since this means they don’t have to download additional software or plugins in order to join a video meeting. However, this meant there were some features web users couldn’t access. But not any more!


We’ve taken the best features from the desktop app, and added them to the web app. Then we added a little dash of special sauce on the whole darn lot, gave it a shake and came up with a recipe for improved usability for all. Get the same great features online as with My Meeting Video for desktop.


1. Place and receive video calls inside your browser:

Previously, users online could only join a call inside a virtual meeting room. Now, you can make video calls straight from your browser to another video address:

 A. Calling someone in your contacts

  • Select the Contacts directory in the sidebar and scroll to find the right contact
    • Select the contact and click Prepare to Join in the main window


  • Start typing the contact’s name in the search bar at the top of the sidebar
    • Search results display all video contacts and virtual meeting rooms associated with a given name listed in your contacts or meeting room directory
    • Select the video contact and click Prepare to call in the main window

Call a video contact directly from your browser


B. Calling someone outside of your network

  • You can call any “standards-based” video address
  • Type the full video address into the search bar
  • Select the video contact and click Prepare to call in the main window
  • Save this contact by using the Star feature (see below)


C. Receive incoming video calls
When logged in, users now receive incoming call notifications inside their browser - answer or decline with a press of a button:

  • Take calls from colleagues and other video contacts
  • Take calls from a host adding you to an ongoing meeting in a virtual meeting room
  • Your video address is listed under your Profile tab under the Account Information page


Receive video calls inside your browser


2. View your recent calls:

The Call history tab lets you see all recent incoming and outgoing calling activity, including any missed calls:

  • Your call history is synced and updated on the desktop/mobile app and in the browser
  • Includes call activity for video contacts and meeting rooms


View your recent calls


3. Star individual contacts and meeting rooms:

It’s easy to star favourite contacts or meeting rooms so you don’t have search for them every time:

  • Select the contact or room you want to save
  • Click the Star button in the top right button
  • The contact or room is now saved to your Starred items in your call history
  • Great for saving contacts not listed in your contacts directory

 Star your favorite rooms or contacts


4. Improved Participants list performance 🚀

We’ve updated how the Participants list works, so it performs much faster, making it easier than ever to manage meetings and add new guests.


New Features on My Meeting Video for Desktop

We’ve worked hard to introduce features for desktop users that were only previously available online. Whichever you prefer, we’ve built a consistent experience that should make you feel at home, whether online or using the app.


Brand new features coming from the web to the desktop app:

  • View the participants list both inside and outside your meeting room
  • The Room link shortcut to easily share your meeting room with others
  • Start or end a streaming / recording session inside a room* (Videxio Live feature required, paid accounts only)
  • Join a call in Audio + presentation only mode (view and share content with your camera turned off)
  • Enable or disable your camera before or during a call


The desktop app window can float on top of your other apps

The desktop app with better window handling


Better window handling

We’ve significantly improved window handling for when you want to expand or minimize the app window during calls:

  • Switch to a smaller, floating window if you open or use another app during a call
  • Toggle option for the the main window, with a Float on Top feature so the app window is displayed on top of all your other open windows


Whether you love using apps on your desktop, or you prefer having all your tools open in your favorite browser, My Meeting Video 2.0 has you covered for all your videoconferencing needs.

Any feedback on the new app? We’d love hear it. Drop us a line with your thoughts at

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by Tom Banks

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