Using Video Meetings for Recruitment

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By using video interviews for recruitment, you can reduce the costs involved with meeting candidates, and save you the stress of having to travel to meetings.

This also means you can cast your net much wider in the hunt for top-class talent since it’ easier to meet candidates from further afield, who wouldn’t normally travel so far for a screening interview. Video can help both parties decide if traveling to meet in-person is worthwhile.

It’s also a great way to carry out group interviews without extensive logistical planning, helping to speed up your process when there’s a large number of applicants. You can invite colleagues based in different locations to join the interview panel, which also speeds up the process of applicants meeting relevant people in your organization, as well as giving you the opportunity to create more effective panels.


Finding the right video platform

A good video platform should be easy to use and deliver high quality. Interviews can be a stressful experience, and having them interrupted by lag and dropped calls doesn’t really help settle nerves of the candidate and let the interview panel get into their groove. Using a professional platform designed for large-scale video meetings will help avoid a negative experience for both you as the host and your invited candidates.

And think about it this way: the quality of the platform you’re using and the way you communicate will definitely color the perception candidates have of your organization. If you have a difficult start to your meeting with people struggling to join, or the picture is low quality versus a seamless connection where people get going in a couple of clicks - which is the impression you want to give to the standout talent you’d like to attract.

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Using the right tools for the job, facilitating positive interactions, tells candidates that your company cares about investing in people and the right tools. Investing in a quality platform can prove to be the difference in a competitive recruitment landscape – it will certainly be worthwhile if it helps you to land the best talents out there.

Last but not least, you should consider the fact that candidates might be using a variety of devices. Compatibility shouldn't be an issue, so make sure the platform you’re using support participants on PC, Mac and other devices, as well as different video platforms.


Integrate video into your workflow

For video interviews to run smoothly, you should use a platform that offers the least amount of friction for external guests. For example, cloud videoconferencing solutions allows you to invite relevant candidates to join a meeting using nothing more than a web browser in seconds. This way candidates won’t have to download extra software, which saves both time and decreases the possibility of experiencing compatibility issues.

Also, don’t forget to plan according to who’s joining the meeting, and from where. Make sure to account for time zone differences in your invite – this is especially important if you’re holding group meetings, but it’s an easy detail to forget!

If you’re asking candidates to share their screen, it’s sensible to send them brief instructions on how to enable screen sharing during a meeting.

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Need a second look? Record the session

If you need to review the candidate or your HR team would like to assess your interview processes, recording the session can be very useful. This way you can take the time you need to assess the candidate, and also see if there’s anything you can improve on your end. Make sure the platform you’re using supports recordings, and most importantly, do a test recording in order to avoid hiccups when the big day arrives.

Don’t forget about data and privacy - make sure to ask candidates for permission to record the interview. You should explain why you’re recording, where it will be stored and what the recording will be used for.

If you want to extend your reach and speed up your interview processes, video interviews can be very handy for you and your organization. The key is to choose a platform that will make your company come across as professional and reliable, as the video interview might be the candidate's first encounter with you and your organization.

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