​Transform your PC or Mac into a Powerful Videoconferencing Device

By Videxio

Download a software client to your PC or Mac and enjoy business quality videoconferencing directly from your desktop whenever you have access to internet.

Why is Videxio launching its own client?

Videxio has chosen to launch its own client, My Meeting Video. The main reason for this is to give us the flexibility to add or amend features based on feedback from our users. In addition, through its close integration with data captured by the Videxio service, we believe that our client creates a better user experience through features such as call history and central deployment and management.


Why do I need a client, can I not just use video from my browser?

To make video an integrated and natural part of your daily communications experience, point-to-point video calls are important, not just group conferencing. Not all calls need to involve several people. If you want to be easily reachable in the same way as you would be with a telephone, a client installed on your PC or Mac listens for incoming calls and notifies you when someone wants to connect with you. Although browser based connections are important for extending the reach of videoconferencing, in order to be reachable you need to have your browser open. This is not always feasible or convenient.


What can I do with My Meeting Video?

With the new software client, you can:

  • Connect on high quality audio and video with your colleagues and business partners
  • Show presentations, spreadsheets and other content from your computer
  • Call point-to-point or access your conference room for team meetings, where participants can join from any standards-based video system like Polycom or Cisco, from Microsoft Skype for Business (Lync), or even from a web-browser or a phone
  • Access your Videxio services directly from the software client

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by Videxio

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