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By Gillian K. Dalslaaen

How can I ensure privacy in my video call?


With cloud videoconferencing, video users have the possibility to meet in a virtual room.

Virtual Meeting Rooms (VMRs) preach open access and interoperability but that shouldn’t detract from ensuring that video communication is secure and private.


With the Videxio service, all participants using a Virtual Meeting Room can be confident that their session is secure.

The network architecture provides encryption but as a Videxio subscriber you can further enhance the security and privacy of your Virtual Meeting Rooms.

First, you need to establish a Host PIN number for your meeting. This will cause your guests to be met in your “waiting room” until you as the host access your VMR and enter the PIN. You can activate this functionality by going into your user portal under “Profile”, click on the “Your VMR” tab and set your own PIN.

You can further ensure the privacy of your sessions by “locking” your conference once you know that all of your invited participants are present. The Lock Conference functionality is easily administered from your user portal in the Manage Meeting section. This feature is especially useful if the meeting involves a large group of participants or if a presentation is being held.


by Gillian K. Dalslaaen

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