The technology that’s transforming the way we communicate

By Tom Banks

The written word is a wonderful thing, but when it comes to business, sometimes it just doesn’t cut it (email, we’re looking at you). That’s why more and more teams are swapping one-way communication for face-to-face conversations. Enter video: the technology that’s transforming the way we communicate.


Distance just isn’t an issue

Video builds bridges. Wherever you are in the world, video meetings let you catch-up with colleagues at any time, in any place. And as the popularity of remote working skyrockets, that’s an invaluable thing.


But the benefits of video go further than that. Being one click away from real-time interaction opens up a whole load of avenues for brainstorming, collaboration, and decision-making. But perhaps most important is the opportunity to create human connections built on face-to-face conversations. And let’s be honest, few things in business can beat that.


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Creates trust across your virtual teams

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: face-to-face conversations build a stronger team. In business, it can be tempting to focus on speed, efficiency and getting things done. But when we’re looking for answers, reassurance or inspiration, we don’t turn to a messaging app – we turn to each other. That’s why video is so important in creating trust. It might be fast, but it’s also deeply personal. And sometimes that’s all that matters.


Work + video = flexibility  

Say farewell to sweaty commutes and stuffy boardrooms. With video, you can attend a meeting from the comfort of your desk, your office, or your kitchen table (yep, we’ve all been there). The point is that with video, your location simply doesn’t matter. Just as long as you have an internet connection, the show can go on.

Video is the thecnology changing the way we communicate in business 

Say goodbye to email

Well, sort of. Sadly, email is set to stick around for a while yet. But video can certainly play a part in slimming down that inbox. Instead of navigating long and complicated email threads, videoconferencing lets you straighten things out in an instant, ensuring everybody’s on exactly the same page.

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Get answers in an instant

Crises have a funny habit of showing up at the most inconvenient times, but not to worry. Whether the boss is away or half the team have gone AWOL, videoconferencing can help pull everyone together.


Simply invite any key decision-makers to join a video meeting – and don’t let them leave before a solution is in place. Videoconferencing-as-a-service (VCaaS) is invaluable here. Not only does it let everybody use a different platform (perfect in an emergency), but it carries video over a dedicated network, making sure your conversations secure and crystal clear. 

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by Tom Banks

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