The Benefits of Using Video in Business Meetings

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Face-to-face meetings help encourage real communication based on human connection, strengthening trust and building personal relationships. But in business, face-to-face doesn’t have to mean being in the same room as the other person. Here’s why.

Human beings evolved to communicate face-face by talking to one another; so whilst words written down can help us convey complex details and information, words alone don’t tell the whole story. When we use words to speak to one another in-person, there’s so much more going on than the language we use, all the non-verbal communication we pick up on - the tone and volume of voice, body language and so on. All these details help us to decide if we trust the words we’re hearing, or to read between the lines and get the whole story, not just the spoken narrative.

In business the strength of your brand’s communications, both internal and external, can be the difference between success and failure, or between greatness and mediocrity. So harnessing the power of real human interaction can be a huge advantage for helping your company develop brilliant communication that builds relationships and trust. Whether it’s for a one-on-one, a team workshop, or a client meeting, it’s always better to actually see the people on the other end. When people can see each other, it becomes easier to engage and participate in more personal conversations.

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In a time where business communication is dominated by screens and email and chat tools, more and more businesses are adopting videoconferencing as a core part of their business communication framework. In an increasingly globalized workspace, as our office  spaces expand beyond the physical and into the virtual, it’s the closest alternative to in-person, face-to-face meetings, and it’s easier and cheaper to scale than sending people over land, sea or air to collaborate for.


Enable face-to-face meetings with videoconferencing 

Of course there are some advantages of physical face-to-face meetings over video meetings, but with live-screen sharing, there isn’t much you can do in-person that you can’t do on video. When businesses have people in different locations, whether remote workers, other offices, or clients and other external stakeholders, videoconferencing becomes a driver of human interaction and real-time collaboration that emails and chat tools just can’t match.

Sure, you can communicate over email or phone, but without the benefit of actually seeing the other participants, or looking at the same file or webpage, it becomes more difficult to communicate or execute quick decisions. With cloud videoconferencing, you can hold face-to-face meetings with people all over the world, and employees and colleagues can easily interact with each other and share screens.

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But high-quality, reliable service is super important to create that genuine “face-to-face, in the same room”- feeling. Good connectivity is also essential to make videoconferencing a valuable collaboration tool, so make sure your bandwidth can take the heat.

With cloud videoconferencing, your video meetings are delivered over a dedicated network, rather than simply using the public internet, giving consistent, high powered, HD video. And when you use a cloud service, that means being able to access it on any device from any location. Most computers and smartphone phones are equipped with good quality cameras these days, which means your team can be empowered to utilize professional high quality video calls and meetings from the office, at home, or anywhere else they need.


Reduce travel costs with videoconferencing 

In 2017, almost all businesses have been touched by globalization in some way or form. Throughout a year, traveling to meet colleagues and customers is of course inevitable. However, having the opportunity to replicate an in-person meeting over the web is a huge advantage, as it enables efficient meetings that can reduce the frequency with which people need to meet up in person. Reducing travel costs and time lost to employee travel. Decisions can change by the minute – being able to discuss messages using video makes for more productive decision-making. Less traveling and more productivity translates to better ROI for your company.

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