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What Defines a Reliable Videoconferencing Solution? [Part 1]

By Tom Banks

In a world with high market competition, increasingly intelligent systems, and hackers and cyber crimes, you need certain videoconferencing functions to present yourself as reliable - both to your clients and your employees.  

This two part series on reliable videoconferencing will give you all the information you need in order to make an educated decision for your company.  

In this first part, we’ll look into the two most obvious factors you would need to be reliable for your videoconferencing solution: call quality and connectivity.


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Two components making your videoconferencing solution reliable

Call quality (video and audio)

Imagine having an important video meeting with a client and the video is fuzzy with unclear, unsynced audio. Or even worse - the whole call drops. That’s what many would call a “nightmare scenario” and something you should never have to experience with the right solution for your videoconferencing.

Making sure you have a videoconferencing solution where this doesn’t happen is an important part of being reliable to both your clients and your colleagues. With both parties, you have most likely spent hours on end and money building up trust and credibility. And let's face it, it’s easier to lose it than to gain it.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to check if your solution is where it should be.

Do a “stress test”

Test any potential solution for long calls, calls made at different times of the day, and between different locations you will be calling regularly. Good quality can’t be determined in a single call, but should be tested across a good number of the everyday calling scenarios for your organization.

Calling analytics

Your video solution should have an admin view with calling history and data to analyse quality and network performance, plus overview of overall usage trends for your organization. This way, there will be no confusion of whether your solution is performing sub par or not, and you will always have the insight you need to make decisions on the matter.

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You and your colleagues should be able to join a meeting from anywhere and always be guaranteed a fast connection. That’s the least you should have to ask for, right? You shouldn't have to ask at all, really.

Being able to join from anywhere with a fast connection should also make it possible to join from any device of convenience. Everything from mobile to tablet, and desktop. What can make this part happen? Well, a dedicated global Quality of Service network delivers this reliability.

An example of this would be having data centers all over the world to route media traffic over a dedicated video network. So whether you’re using a smartphone, PC, or tablet, your connection will always have the quality and reliability of a local call.

How easy is it to add external participants? Can they do it without being required to download anything? This will be a big part of how easy is to connect with you and your videoconferencing solution. We’ll dig further into this in the next part of our series about reliable videoconferencing.

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These are only two of the important factors of having a reliable videoconferencing solution. The constant evolvement of today's technology has made them increasingly important, and as for the basics of videoconferencing go, they are a given.

But surely you figured there would be a few more factors contributing to a reliable videoconferencing solution - and you’re right. Stay tuned for [Part 2], coming out next week, to complete the picture of the reliable solution for your videoconferencing.

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by Tom Banks

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