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Register Your Videoconferencing Room System on the Videxio Network in Less Than A minute!

By Tom Banks

If you’re responsible for managing the setup of your company’s videoconferencing infrastructure in your meeting rooms, you may be wary of how difficult it is to register or re-register your dedicated videoconferencing room systems (SIP / H.323 devices, sometimes referred to as “videoconferencing endpoints”) onto a new video network.

Which is why, as part of the Videxio for Video Units dedicated device subscriptions, we include simple plug ‘n’ play activation for your devices so you can get them registered on our network in a just a few moments! Download our app and use it to get together with your device for “automated provisioning” - The video below shows you just how it’s done in less than a minute!

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How can it be done in less than a minute?

The process starts with a welcome email that includes the activation link for the auto-provisioning app. Click the link to start the app and run a simple network assessment. Now follow the quick on-screen instructions for your specific brand of device and the app will connect it safely to the Videxio network. The app helps you register your device on your company’s local network, setting up it correctly for if your company’s corporate firewall, so you can start making calls as soon as the app is done

As well as enjoying plug ‘n’ play activation, registering your videoconferencing room systems with a dedicated Videxio device subscription, also simplifies the technical management of your meeting room infrastructure by:

  • Smart roaming always connects your device to the nearest available data center (“PoP”) on our network for the best current calling conditions
  • If you move your video system to a different physical location you won’t need to reregister it on our network
  • Automated network monitoring for your device
  • Quality assured global video network (including network service in and out of China)
  • An automated contacts directory that updates all your company’s video addresses

Don’t just take our word for it - this is what our customers have to say.

Check out about how quick and easy it is to do!

The app can help you register devices from Polycom, Cisco, and Huawei.

You can see the full list of H.323/SIP devices compatible with Videxio for Video Units device subscriptions in this Help Centre article.

What can the Videxio service do for you?

As Eric Larsen, Head of Operations at BankID puts it: “It has increased our customer satisfaction because we are able to communicate faster and more reliable than before.”

Read the full article with Eric Larsen here.

Because of the uncomplicated method of communication that the Videxio service provides, as well as the speed, reliability and security that is there, we see customers choose Videxio again and again.

Find out the benefits of cloud videoconferencing with the Videxio service, here.

“It’s simply simple”, user-friendly, available wherever you are, whenever you need it, and as always “it’s better to be seen”.

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by Tom Banks

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