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Ready for a Better Skype for Business Experience?

By Lindsey Baine

Wouldn’t it be nice if all of your communications platforms just worked together? If you could join any meeting, regardless of where you were located and which service you used? Unfortunately, that’s not our reality...yet. Today’s workers use a variety of platforms and are very loyal to their personal favorites. Adding to the complexity is the fact that companies also have favorites.

Organizations invest in hardware videoconferencing systems from the likes of Cisco, Polycom, and Huawei and want to maximize those investments as much as possible over time. So where does this leave users? Often, somewhere trapped in the middle, navigating wonky workflows and frustrating experiences. 

We hear our customers loud and clear, and are constantly working to break down those communication barriers. For instance, we already make it easy for users to join a Videxio meeting using Microsoft Skype for Business. But the world doesn’t stand still, and we still saw gaps such as:

  • Not all meetings need to be scheduled. Why can’t we just call someone directly?
  • Why can’t a videoconferencing system call a Skype for Business user, and vice versa?
  • Better yet, why can’t a videoconferencing system call into a Skype for Business Meeting?

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce a brand new service that bridges the gap between Skype for Business users and videoconferencing system users. With the Skype for Business Gateway-as-a-Service, we're combining technology, tools, and users in the cloud to provide the seamless experience our customers expect. Now, anyone can use videoconferencing devices to call Skype users or join Skype meetings, all within a familiar Skype environment.

Videxio's Skype for Business Gateway-as-a-Service


How does it work?

Say you’ve gathered the team in a conference room and are ready to join a videoconference meeting. With the single click of a button, you can join any meeting, including one hosted by Skype for Business, through the videoconferencing device or the My Meeting Video app. Alternatively, Skype for Business users can also invite the conference room into the meeting. 


What’s in it for me?

For Skype users, you’ll never have to leave your native Skype environment. You can call anyone, anywhere using the familiar interface you know and love. This simply extends the reach of your service so you can meet with those on videoconferencing endpoints more easily, and vice versa.


Will this work on my company’s videoconferencing system?

Yes, as long as you have a premium subscription to Videxio’s cloud video service. Our Video Units plan works on Cisco, Polycom, and Huawei devices and creates a secure, high-quality connection between organizations. 

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How do I sign up?

Our Skype for Business Gateway-as-a-Service solution will be available to purchase in early 2018. If you'd like to be notified when the service is available, you can sign up here.

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by Lindsey Baine

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