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Proud to be Cloud

By Videxio

Tom-Erik Lia, CEO at Videxio, summarizes his observations from the Company's recent Partner Leadership Summit.

At Videxio we recently held our EMEA Partner Leadership Summit 2015 at our headquarters in Oslo. 30 participants, 18 partners, 8 countries. Two days of presentations, group work, chats over coffee and laughs around the dinner table.

So what, I hear you say?

It was the buzz. A buzz around cloud videoconferencing that was almost tangible. A buzz that reached a level that I had never experienced in the four-year history of Videxio.

Our channel partners were excited both about the possibilities that cloud video is opening up for them, and for their customers.


For users, there is no infrastructure to invest in. They can enjoy excellent video at all times, regardless of where in the world they are. They can use their PC, their iPad, their video system or their smart phone to join a videoconferencing call.

For the partners, they enjoy a recurring source of revenue, there is no complicated set up or infrastructure to manage, and they get direct access to real-time usage statistics.

What’s not to like?


“Proud to be cloud”.

The feeling at the Summit reinforced this feeling in me. Proud to be in the videoconferencing as a service industry. Proud of the service we offer. Proud of our partners who make us better every day, believe in cloud video and are adapting rapidly to the new world. Proud of our team who built the service and continue to develop it. Proud of our customers who invest in us and foresee the benefits cloud video brings to their businesses.

As the Norwegian Kontiki explorer and scientist, Thor Heyerdahl put it, “For every minute, the future is becoming the past.”

The time for cloud video is now.


Tom-Erik Lia is Co-Founder and CEO at Videxio

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by Videxio

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