Meeting Room Mode: The New Way to Manage Scheduled Video Meetings

By Tom Banks

Your Team’s Video Meetings, Managed

Videoconferencing , or live video meetings are increasingly becoming a routine part of many professionals’ workday. The technology has greatly improved over the years to the point where any company can afford high quality professional video collaboration, with users needing not much more than a smartphone and an internet connection to take part.

But whilst the quality and ease of hosting and participating in scheduled video meetings has improved exponentially in recent years, there is one part of the videoconferencing experience that hasn’t really improved at the same rate. People are still digging out their laptops and searching their calendars, having conversations or sending chat messages like this, right before they join a video meeting: 

"Give me a moment whilst I find the address. We'll be there in a minute, just hold on whilst I find it..."

"Which video address are we using? Is it the SIP? The h.323? One of those other ones. Is it in the meeting invite..?"


Dialing into video meetings: The Old way

The old way of dialing into video meetings could be tricky. You hoped the meeting would be hosted by a contact in your company network. At least you could search for it in your company’s contacts directory.


But more likely, you have a calendar invite somewhere that includes a long block of text. Buried somewhere in this text is the correct dial-in information for your actual video system, strategically camouflaged to look exactly the same as all the other dial-in options available for the meeting. And even if you have easily located the right dial-in address, now you have to type a less than user-friendly string of random numbers and letters into your videoconferencing system’s touchscreen. Of course there's no danger of typing one character incorrectly and having to dial all 57 characters again, is there? 


Let’s be honest, many of us have had a video meeting featuring a "grandparent on Facebook moment". We get the concept of what we're trying to, but we’re not quite sure of which button to actually press next, and there's a higher than average chance of embarrassing ourselves in front of friends and colleagues with our next move. And this is before you consider joining external video meetings outside your company’s network. Yes, maybe you technically can call into a video meeting hosted on another video network, if only you knew how.


Now just imagine. Instead of having to use an enigma machine to to crack the code of the right address to dial, all you have to do is schedule a meeting in your calendar as usual. Then, to join the video meeting successfully, just press one button. That’s right, a single tap. And it doesn’t matter which video platform the meeting is being hosted, you can simply join in just one click.


Dialing into Video meetings: The new way

Welcome to the new way to manage your video meetings; welcome to Meeting room mode (MRM) by Videxio. At Videxio HQ, our team had a goal: “Joining video meetings can kind of suck. Can't we make it easy? whatever type of platform it's being hosted on?”



The result is MRM, the simple, fast way to join scheduled video meetings. It works by integrating your videoconferencing units with the My Meeting Video app and your company’s existing calendar / room booking system.

As a result, you can place a tablet or smartphone inside your meeting room alongside the room’s videoconferencing system. The tablet or smartphone is connected to the video system with the My Meeting Video app with Meeting room mode enabled.

Your meeting room schedule displayed in My Meeting Video.png




The device can now display all your scheduled video meetings. It’s unbelievably easy to dial into your next video meeting - just tap the JOIN button.



 And it’s not just Videxio meetings, you can view and join scheduled video meetings hosted on these video platforms too:

A world of video at your team’s fingertips. Don’t just schedule meetings, manage them. Because every video meeting should be productive. 

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by Tom Banks

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