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Managing your team on the go with videoconferencing

By Tom Banks

Mobile technology has transformed the business world in more ways than one. Not only does it give us new ways to shop, sell, buy, share, and search, but it also lets us manage our teams from anywhere, at any time. And with 43% of employed people spending at least part of their week working remotely, that’s never been more important.

Whether you’re meeting clients, attending a trade show, or simply working from home, mobile tech keeps communication flowing and your business growing. And luckily, it couldn’t be easier to embrace. With the help of a great videoconferencing tool, you can run virtual meetings, share ideas and manage your team, all while on the move.

How videoconferencing helps with team management

1. Makes remote working a breeze

When it comes to remote team management, videoconferencing truly comes into its own. Not only can you keep up-to-date with everything your team’s working on, but it cuts out the stress and cost of commuting into the office just for a meeting. That’s one thing your team members will thank you for.


2. Boosts team spirit

Remote working is great in so many ways (it creates teams that are more creative, efficient and productive for a start), but on the other hand it can sometimes leave people feeling isolated. To combat this, remember to always schedule regular check-ins. With a videoconferencing tool, this can be as simple as a five minute chat, or as complex as a whole team meeting – just make sure you involve everyone.

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3. Stay connected on the go

Video meetings don’t require any fancy equipment. All you need for videoconferencing is a mobile device and an internet connection, meaning you can keep connected with your team on the go.


4. Faster decision making

There’s a reason face-to-face conversations are still at the heart of business: they speed up decision making. And with videoconferencing, you can have those all important conversations on-demand.

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Getting set up with videoconferencing

To make sure everything runs smoothly when managing your team on the go, it’s important to have a protocol in place for how and when team members can reach you. A phone or messaging system is fine for quick questions, but for more inclusive meetings, scheduling a videoconference can be super helpful.

To get the most out of your on-the-go meetings, you need a program that can help you do three things easily:

1. Schedule new meetings

Be sure to invest in a tool that lets you quickly access your team’s schedule and organize meetings that everyone can attend. Choosing a program that can connect with calendars, email, and presentation systems will make this a breeze.


2. Hosting and joining meetings

Being a team leader means it’s often up to your to host meetings – even when you’re out of the office. To make sure you can still manage meetings effectively, choose a tool that not only works across operating systems, but also allows full functionality from a mobile device. Take Videxio, for example. Our mobile app lets you view your upcoming video meetings, as well as schedule a new meeting in your virtual meeting room.


3. Sharing Screens on mobile

Presentations and demos are often an important part of a meeting, so pick a videoconferencing tool that lets you do both – even when you’re on mobile.

Videoconferencing has transformed the way we work. Being able to connect with your team and your clients while on the move can open up new avenues for collaboration, learning and growth. All you need to do is invest in a videoconferencing tool that can keep up.

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by Tom Banks

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