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Improving Team Collaboration Through Cloud Videoconferencing

By Gillian K. Dalslaaen

The ability to create an environment that stimulates real innovation and productivity is vital for any business today. Effective collaboration tools are becoming ever more vital to helping teams succeed.

In an increasingly digitalized workspace many organizations are looking for ways to enhance the different elements of their workflows, such as accessibility, mobility, and collaboration. It’s also now a commonplace feature of today’s workspace that people work together on projects whilst separated by land, air and sea.

However, whilst modern business tools have made this possible, running joint efforts completely remotely, using email and messaging services, and other collaboration tools can still leave a lot of room for miscommunication or less than perfect productivity. This is where videoconferencing can help your teams to deliver, streamlining cooperation between teams, whether internally or externally, in comparison to relying on audio calls and messaging channels alone. Here are four ways cloud video can help your teams to collaborate in new and better ways:

1. It enables important ad hoc meetings to occur face to face

Inspiration, creativity and problem solving can’t always happen conveniently within a predetermined schedule. But instead of trying to reach colleagues for some spontaneous collaboration while trying to convey complex, abstract points in long, messy email threads, or describe your sketched out ideas on the phone, cloud videoconferencing can offer a platform for these important meetings to happen face to face, quickly and with very little fuss.

2. It helps improve overall understanding and communication throughout your company

Don’t just tell people about your idea, show them; and don’t just listen to people’s reactions and feedback, see it. Face to face communication provides greater context that less visual channels simply cannot give you. There's only so much intuition that tone of voice- either spoken or written- can provide. Using videoconferencing your team can benefit from being able to read non-verbal cues in many more of their work conversations. This extra human touch will enrich your business communication and allow people to be more efficient.

3. It decreases the need for travel

In this global economy, with companies regularly working with a variety of international stakeholders on projects, it’s often not very economical to be physically present at every relevant meeting. Not to mention the concern of reducing your company’s carbon footprint. Even in an alternate universe where company funds are unlimited, excessive travel is to be avoided so as not to overwork team members and negatively impact what they can accomplish from being on the road too much. And usually, given the choice, employees prefer sleeping in their own bed and spending time with their families, rather than soulless hotel rooms ordering room service if they can help it. Adopting videoconferencing-as-a-service (or VCaaS) can decrease the number of resources consumed by company travel time— money, and employees’ workloads– whilst maintaining productivity and efficiency levels for all concerned.

4. It provides everyone with greater flexibility in how they work

Reducing expense whilst maintaining or improving productivity sounds like an ROI dream for management— and it is; but perhaps of more relevance for people’s day-to-day working conditions, is how video can help them be more flexible. Contrary to many organizations’ beliefs, flexibility doesn’t have to harm productivity—in fact, it's quite often the opposite. A recent survey by leading industry experts in emerging business trends and strategies, Global Workplace Analytics, Cost and Benefits: Advantages of Telecommuting for Companies, found adding flexibility to the workplace through telecommuting technologies such as videoconferencing, improved overall employee satisfaction, decreasing turnover, reducing unscheduled absences, expanding the talent pool for new hires, and of course, increasing productivity. The chance to work from home (or the beach!), either once in a while or a day or two every week, can really contribute to better employee satisfaction and help to reduce stress levels.

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by Gillian K. Dalslaaen

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