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By Videxio

In this short article CEO, Tom Erik Lia, explains the vision that led to the foundation of Videxio and invites you, as we expand the team, to be part of that vision - to put video at the heart of every conversation!

When Michel Sagen, Thomas Berger and myself founded Videxio in 2011, we had a dream.

We were already convinced that videoconferencing makes business communication more fun and productive. There were, however, key elements that were missing; it was too expensive and often too complicated and difficult to use.

Our dream was to put video at the heart of every conversation. How? By making video conferencing fun, productive - and easy to use.

So that’s how Videxio came about. A cloud service that enables customers to be up and running with videoconferencing in minutes. No hardware investments, no complicated infrastructure, just great quality video.

Five years down the line and we’re even more excited than we were then. The dream is alive and well – and we’ve come a long way in making that dream a reality.

The key to success? An outstanding team. A group of people that are passionate about the power of video to improve business communication. And now you have the chance to be part of that dream.

We’re hiring and we currently have 10 open positions. Maybe you’re looking for a new engineering challenge as part of our innovative DevOps team? Do you enjoy offering technical support to customers? You could be our new Technical Support Manager in Asia. Do you live and breathe digital marketing? We have the job for you!

Check out of careers page at jobs.videxio.com. Some call it a business, we call it a culture - the belief that it truly is better to be seen!

Video at the heart of every conversation Videxio

Tom-Erik Lia, CEO Videxio

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by Videxio

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