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How Your Should Be Running Meetings in 2018

By Tom Banks

Team members scrolling through their phone. Attendees trying to stifle yawns. Meetings that go on and on and on. Sound familiar?

Inefficient meetings aren’t just boring, they’re a drain on everybody’s time and resources. And according to a recent survey, they’ve become a real problem, with US professionals ranking meetings as the number one office productivity killer.

However, meetings are a necessary part of the work day. There are times where we all need to come together and thrash out the details or make sure that everyone is on the same page. The trick is to remember that meetings are not inherently ineffective, but that ineffective meetings are the problem.

So as you plan for a productive 2018, try giving your meetings a makeover. With a few easy strategies (and with the help of some productivity-boosting tech), you can bring your team together in incredible ways. Here’s how to do it.

Be the person...

  • ..that people want to meet with
  • ..that people can count on
  • ..that has all the best ideas

Being great at meetings doesn’t just mean you show up on time. It means you’re equipped with ideas, creativity, and the willingness to productively collaborate with your team.

But for all that to happen, your meetings need to be great too. So be proactive in ensuring they’re properly scheduled, on time, relevant, and as structured as possible. Get that right, and your team will have the space to truly shine.

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Be available on any device

In 2018, meetings on-the-go will rule. As our lives get more mobile, so will our collaboration sessions. Mobile devices are already being used in meetings as remote controls to adjust call settings, mute participants, share screens and more, helping people stay connected from anywhere.

But what if they could take away the stress of dashing from appointment to appointment? Or scrambling to find the dial-in code just before an urgent call? If mobile technology already makes your physical meetings more efficient, just imagine what it can do if you use it to its full potential. As we head into a mobile age, companies are going to see a much more streamlined approach to online meetings, and mobile devices are going to be leading that movement.

Read more: Make sure your employees can work efficiently from any device.

Follow the trend and embrace videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is trending for a reason. Allowing busy teams to communicate efficiently on-the-go, it helps boost productivity, efficiency and creativity. And with 56% of companies using videoconferencing for their daily business operations, this is a trend that’s not going anywhere.

So what can you do to make sure you’re ahead of it? Start by educating your team on how to use the right tech. To make vide meetings a part of your daily office life, it’s essential that everyone knows how to make the most of the latest videoconferencing tools.

Why videoconferencing?

There are loads of reasons why videoconferencing should form a key part of your meeting strategy for 2018. Here are just a few:

  • Videoconferencing can be used on-the-go, wherever you are.

It makes collaboration a breeze, even in a mobile team.


A day that’s jam-packed with meetings can be a drain for your employees. Videoconferencing streamlines meetings, giving your team more time to do what they’re best at.

Videoconferencing speeds up decision-making, helping you move forward on projects and get things done.


  • Can be used across multiple devices.

Videoconferencing apps can be downloaded on any mobile app, making on-the-go meetings a breeze.

  • Makes it personal.

With lots of employees working from different places, how do you keep the team spirit up? Videoconferencing lets everyone connect in a more personal way than just by text or sound.

  • Easy to use.

Joining a video meeting is simple, making videoconferencing accessible to everyone – tech geek or otherwise.

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by Tom Banks

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