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How Videxio can help you connect with international clients

By Tom Banks

In an increasingly globalized world, the possibility of taking businesses across borders is a pressing matter. Acquiring clients and fostering collaborations in other countries gives you a unique opportunity and is not something you should miss out on.

But with the great cost that comes with traveling internationally, more and more companies seek solutions to cut these costs. Videoconferencing has been the solution that fits the bill.

In a recent interview, Ingunn Bjøru, CEO at Inbound Norway, a part of Avidly, talks about how Videxio’s videoconferencing solution helped them connect with international clients.

Read more about what Ingunn Bjøru had to say in our case study.

So what are some of the areas the Videxio service can help you with?

Reliability and security

When you are about to choose a solution you want to implement with your clients, it is especially important that it will let you present yourself as both reliable and secure, at the same time. Several big companies, like the Norwegian company Bank ID, already use Videxio. Since they deliver banking solutions to both consumers and companies, it is specially important to have a secure solution.

Your own dedicated network - just for video

Videxio has built its own dedicated network for their video solution. Since video calls are especially sensitive to network disruptions, Videxio operates a network of data centers called PoPs - or Points of Presence. This ensures great coverage and hence top quality, and they have nearly 20 PoPs from Washington to Johannesburg and Oslo to Tokyo.

What does this mean for you, you ask? By using our service, you can acquire clients pretty much all over the globe, and still have quality communication. This also means that the Videxio solution is reliable and trustworthy. It is the most comprehensive global network in the industry, of its kind.


It has also allowed us to have more frequent meetings and better results, says Bjøru.

Videoconferencing has the benefit of adapting to different devices and times of the day (or night if you prefer that). It also lets everyone in on the same meeting, even though you are in multiple places. This especially comes in handy when having international clients. Video meetings are often shorter, which lets you have them more often and also makes them easier to schedule.

The possibility to explain something verbally with the support of your body language, lets you get the point across faster and more efficiently. This will support your communication with your clients.

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Building relationships across borders

Building strong relationships has been really important to us as an agency. Video has allowed us to do this with companies that are not necessarily situated here in Oslo, says Bjøru.

According to Polycom, 96% of business leaders and managers say that video conferencing helps companies in defying the distance and break down the cultural barriers with clients, hence improving productivity. By avoiding the misunderstandings with written communication you will build your presence as a reliable and trustworthy company/partner.

Do you want to experience the power of video as well? Join the many who already have and try Videxio for free today.

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by Tom Banks

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