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How to Live Stream Your Next Meeting

By Lindsey Baine

When you think of live streams, what comes to mind? Maybe it’s watching a football match online or sharing your mad video game skills with others. But have you ever considered using live streams at work?

Think about it. Instead of scheduling multiple meetings to train customers, you could simply hold one training and send a recording to those who missed it. When holding an event, your marketing team can make anyone feel as if they are there, even if they can’t attend in person. Or your HR department can quickly get out important information to employees around the world. In a nutshell, live streaming extends the reach of your meetings to a broader audience.

Videxio makes it easy for you to combine your worlds of videoconferencing and live streaming.

By turning your Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) into a stream, your content can reach an unlimited audience. Whether you schedule an event or decide to stream it on the spot, you can easily start sharing in a matter of minutes. If the concept of “going live” terrifies you, that’s okay, too. Your content is secure and is only accessible to those with a link. You don’t even have to share the link with anyone! If you just want to record your team meeting for your coworker who is out sick, you can “secretly stream” the meeting to no one, and share the recording with him later.

Videxio Live gives you two ways to stream your event:

  • Scheduled events, created ahead of time via the native scheduler
  • Ad hoc events, which can be set up by the room host directly from their user dashboard at any time during an ongoing meeting

You can stream content directly from your virtual meeting room for any meeting, whether scheduled or ad hoc, directly from inside a meeting room. Although an event is being streamed live, it is not automatically shared with a public audience, so you don’t have to worry about others watching the video unless they have the correct link.

Check out these use cases to learn more about how to use live streaming and recording:

1. A scheduled, live meeting stream

In a real-life case, Videxio Live was used to stage a public government event with 30 video users calling in live to a meeting room from 30 countries. The event was streamed live directly to Facebook Live. The live event attracted hundreds of viewers; the recording shared on Facebook and other social media channels afterwards boosted total views of the video into the tens of thousands in the two or three days following the event.

2. An ad hoc, unscheduled live meeting stream 

A meeting has already started and one of the participants has to leave suddenly. It’s an important meeting, so the individual departing doesn’t want to miss out on critical discussions. Before the person leaves, the host simply enables a stream from inside the room to their chosen YouTube account. It takes just a few seconds to set up from the host’s dashboard. The individual then catches up on what they missed via the YouTube app on their phone or tablet later.

3. Recording video for on-demand streaming 

Internally, we’ve used Videxio Live to create training videos. Members of our support team in Europe, Australia, and the US first collaborated via video meetings to create scripts. Our resident streaming expert then produced the scripted videos with scheduled streams from his meeting room to our YouTube account. He then downloaded, edited, and re-uploaded the videos on YouTube as “unlisted” videos. We then shared the links for the videos via email, allowing individuals to view the videos on demand and complete the short training course around their schedule. A great example of reaching a global, but carefully-defined audience, to transfer valuable knowledge.

Want to give it a spin? Simply follow the steps below to get started:

  1. First, add YouTube as your streaming provider of choice. In the Live Events and Recordings section of your VMR, select Manage Integrations. If you prefer not to use YouTube, you can also stream to Facebook Live, Qumu, Kaltura, Quickchannel, or another service.
  2. Next, schedule your event. After granting YouTube access to your account and enabling live streaming, you can schedule an event from your VMR and obtain links to share with your audience.
  3. Lights, camera, action! When it’s time for your meeting, simply log into your VMR, where you’ll see the option to start the recording.

The possibilities of what to stream are only as limited as our imaginations. What will you stream?

To learn more about Videxio Live, check out this overview or request a demo.


by Lindsey Baine

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