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How The Rise of Immersive Collaboration is Changing the Way We Work

By Tom Banks

Finding ways to collaborate more effectively has always been a focus for any enterprise; but today, this is truer than ever.

In an increasingly globalized workplace, improving the way people interact and work together isn’t just about being more efficient in a relentless pursuit to enhance your bottom line. It’s also about giving people the tools to succeed and build a working environment that fosters creativity, nourishing new ideas and allowing people to work with greater flexibility and freedom than ever before.

Because if you’re not constantly looking for ways to improve the way your organization executes and delivers critical tasks, you can be certain your competition certainly are.

There has always been a plethora of IT products, aimed at helping people work better as a team. But with the emergence of both cloud computing technologies (and especially SaaS providers) and new smart devices such as interactive white boards or interactive touchscreen devices, the experience of collaboration is very different, even compared to five years ago. 

What is Immersive Collaboration?

In short, immersive collaboration allows workers to communicate in real-time, with shared workflows, allowing people to work together from remote locations, sharing and working on documents together. Individuals or teams in different places can work together essentially as effectively as if they were sitting around the same table. 

Video collaboration Videxio

Immersive Collaboration in Action

One example of the power of immersive technology available is cloud videoconferencing (or VCaaS). 

With VCaaS, people can join the network with almost any device, and participate in brainstorming or decision making conversations from their personal devices, staying in the loop on the move, or just at home. It also allows for effective screen sharing for every participant, from almost any device, so that content is accessible to all. From giving a preplanned PowerPoint presentation, to spontaneous sharing of inspirational websites, cloud video helps your teams to do more than just talk about projects and ideas, it helps to put collaboration in action.

One type of creative project where cloud video has noticeable impact is website projects. Increasingly, organizations are outsourcing website design and development to remote agencies or freelancers. Using cloud video, designers can share design ideas on screen in real time to improve feedback and approval processes, rather than discussing the project on video but relying on email to actually share and view files separately. Via screen sharing, project teams have the ability to really zero in on different visual aspect or areas of a page. Reviewing work on the project immediately becomes more efficient as elements can be discussed in detail, with everybody on the same page. Not only this, but with VCaaS, there’s no need to worry about an external team or agency using different technology or services, and whether they will be able to join your network. VCaaS makes it possible for almost any user on any device to join your meeting, even if they’re not on your network.   

Be Immersed, Not Overwhelmed

Like any promising technology trend in its relative infancy, immersive collaboration is not always perfect. Because the tools often require hardware and / or dedicated spaces, these products are can sometimes be expensive and are not always easy for everyone to use. But a tool will only improve your collaboration processes if it’s easy for people to use and adopt - spending 10 minutes at the start of every meeting trying to work out why no one can hear the Singapore office is not great for productivity levels. 


Equally, tools that perform too many tasks to an ordinary degree, and not one or two tasks with a very high level of performance are unlikely to actually add true value to your collaboration efforts. 

This is why video collaboration has so much potential to enhance your whole company's workflows, because with cloud video it's so easy to begin collaborating with multiple stakeholders, sharing content, in a matter of moments. With the right VCaaS platform, hosting a high quality video meeting means you don't have to worry about people using incompatible devices or apps, or wasting valuable minutes helping guests overcome technical issues. Instead, the cloud seamlessly connects people, devices or apps to give every user a brilliant video experience. This kind of reliable, high-powered tool is the right platform to immerse your business conversations with more productive collaboration between your teams and beyond.   

You can read more about how our new web interface has now made it even easier for anybody to host, and participate in, secure professional videoconferences and calls here. Host, invite, and join amazing video meetings in seconds at the click of a button with cloud video from Videxio. 

by Tom Banks

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