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How Huddle Rooms Can Improve Collaboration Across Remote Teams

By Tom Banks

Until recently, businesses often tried to create large spaces packed with all the latest technology, in order to help as many people as possbile work in the same place, and perhpas with the added bonus of impressing clients and potential hires. But things are changing; the way we work, the way teams works, is changing. Now the most innovative organizations are realizing the need to adapt to new work structures. And nowhere can this evolution be seen more clearly than the emergence of huddle rooms– small, tech-equipped meeting spaces perfectly designed for collaboration across smaller, distributed teams, offering greater flexibility in how to work. But they're so much more than the physical sum of their parts.

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What is a huddle room?

A basic definition of a huddle room is simple: any small meeting room or space that is well-equipped with technology, allowing small teams of people (usually around 5- 12) to come together and collaborate together in a private place.

But an even more simple deifniton can be used: the hubddle room is the place any modern team comes together and get stuff done, whener they need to

For businesses who want to be savvy with space, the huddle room is perfect. Rather than featuring a huge conference table and flashy projectors, it usually includes:

  • A small central table
  • Comfortable chairs
  • A whiteboard
  • Videoconferencing technology
  • A large screen (TV, LCD or LED monitor)

But huddle rooms aren’t just about making the most of limited space. It's about a shift from workplaces to workspaces. These spaces are less centered around a strict physcial office location limiting how and where entire teams can work work, and more around shaping digital spaces that fit around users and enhance their work capabilities, not limit them. Where people work should be less important than how they work. Huddle rooms offer a whole range of benefits for collaboration, productivity, and creativity. In short, they’re the future of work.

“Small space, big benefits”

Collaborate with minimal distraction

Traditional work heirarchies are being broken down and rebuilt, driven by technology, with a new generation of digital natives having now entered the workforce. And the open plan office is a dying breed. According to an article in Fortune, the “open office concept is dead” for one simple reason – it massively decreases productivity. Once prized for its promise of spontaneous interaction, the traditional office is now accused of disrupting concentration and stifling creativity.

Instead, businesses are increasingly looking towards huddle rooms as a way of boosting collaboration and productivity. Closed off from the rest of the office, huddle rooms create a more private space for discussing ideas and getting down to serious work. The limitation on space also eliminates any attendees that don’t really need to be there, freeing up their time to work on more important things.

Bring your team closer together

Traditional conference rooms can be intimidating places, with their huge tables and complicated tech. Huddle rooms, on the other hand, are far more intimate meeting spaces for smaller groups. With fewer attendees and the most efficient technology at your fingertips, everybody feels included, ensuring better collaboration and more innovation.

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Be spontaneous

Brilliance waits for nobody – especially not the rest of your team. Luckily, huddle rooms let you gather your colleagues for an impromptu meeting when creativity strikes, helping you filter the great ideas from the bad. Unlike corporate conference rooms, these small spaces don’t require a booking system (especially if your office space has a few rooms available). Plus, with the help of a videoconferencing system, huddle rooms let you instantly jump on a video call with any out-of-office team members. Crucial for getting that all-important instant feedback.

As the nature of work changes, so should our meeting rooms. Modern teams need spaces where they can feel included, comfortable and inspired, and a huddle room can offer just that. Just make sure it’s fitted with all the technology your team needs to truly shine.

Increasing productivity and profit through videoconferencing

by Tom Banks

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