How Businesses Can Use Streaming / Recording [Infographic]

By Tom Banks
Video has become an increasingly important tool for many businesses hoping to deliver more effective messaging to their chosen audiences. Until recently it was all about planned content, for example,  commercial product explainers on your website, or internal HR training materials for employees.  But now there's a new kid on the video content block - live video, and more specifically, streaming video via the internet.


Live streaming has become really popular for many businesses as it offers unique benefits alongside being an easy to use, cost-effective format:

  • Helps reach larger audiences than ever before with no additional infrastructure 
  • It's an obvious development for your video marketing efforts (and you know just how critical video marketing is nowadays, right?!). People love live video and the sense of "in the moment" connection it can create with your brand
  • Can build a community spirit with selected audiences. Streaming platforms are great for encouraging audience interaction with your content, as well as giving people a glimpse behind the scenes, whether that's showing customers just how fun and passionate your team is, or building up relationships between different locations within a large global enterprise 
  • It's a great platform for educating any audience. From showing people how to use your product or service live, to expert discussion panels, or helping HR to organize, track, and deliver internal training content across a large international company 


When it comes to video, streaming can help you speak to new audiences anywhere in the world. Check out our infographic below to learn about the possibilities that streaming and recording live video events can offer to help your business reach audiences of any size, anywhere in the world!


Live Streaming Recording-HSedited.jpg


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by Tom Banks

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