4  Business Trends Driving Success In 2017 and Beyond

By Tom Banks

The best businesses always embrace change in order to stay the same. With the great digital transformation gathering pace in the global workplace the stakes are even higher. With new tech such as AI and machine learning starting to make their mark, and marketplaces becoming ever more global, companies need to be prepared for what's coming, both today and tomorrow.

To help you stay nimble in an ever-changing business world, we’re looking at the current business trends you need to know about

 1. Businesses reach for the cloud

Until now, for many businesses, the cloud was a convenience, a handy place to store and save files. But the time for the cloud has arrived; the long predicted enterprise migration to the cloud is now well under way powered by innovations in ever growing cloud architecture.


So what's is driving this change?

  • With the cloud, companies can more effectively meet technology demands from their employees, and across distributed workflows 
  • It provides the flexibility to offer both consistent or unique digital experiences for customers and end-users, making businesses more responsive
  • Using the cloud, processes and delivery are easy to scale without requiring a large CAPEX investment


Ultimately, cloud solutions help businesses better meet expectations in a world where people are in a near-24-hour state of connectivity, providing greeater flexibility and choice across tools and devices 


2. Enterprise video technology is becoming essential

The majority of us will watch an online video by the end of today. Whether it’s a product guide, a live streaming event, or an ad on social media, video content rules the web. And for those in business, it’s no different

  • According to a recent Forbes study, 80% of executives are watching more videos online than they did a year ago while 75% stated they watch work-related video on business-related sites at least once a week
  • Research from TechCrunch found that 100 million hours of video content is viewed on Facebook every single day 

These stats mean one thing: video content for businesses is already huge and it's only getting bigger. 

And as organizations continue to adopt this new technology to deliver tasks such as employee training or town hall events, the communicaiton value of video is being extended further by added to by the increasing use of video analytics to mine rich insights into how content is being engaged with 


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3. Live video hits the big time

You’ve may just have noticed the stratospheric rise of streaming and live video; and if you haven't where've you been the last year?! From Facebook and Instagram to Twitter and Youtube, streaming is everywhere – and fans can’t get enough.


But the popularity of live streams doesn’t stop at social media. The trend is catching on in business too. Now managers are using the technology for anything from training mobile team members, share important announcements and product releases. 

4. Virtual offices aren't just for Millenials in working out coffee shops 

To do business in 2017, all you need is connectivity. Sometimes a WiFi connection and a smartphone is all it needs to join the conversation. That means more of us are either saying goodbye to the traditional 9-5 workplace altogether. But whilst we're not all working from a tropical beach everyday, at the very least more and more professional are encoutering, if not embracing a less traditional office set up, centered around flexible digital spaces rather than bricks and mortar locations.

Today, thanks to technology and the cloud, we really can choose to work from home, on-the-go, or any number of remote locations without taking a hit on personal productivity. The key to virtual offices is that it's now possible to to everything inside one that you could in a physical space. From sharing files and presentations through the cloud, to face-face conversations with video meetings and calling there's virtually nothing at work we can't now do virtually.


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by Tom Banks

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