Videoconferencing Collaboration video meetings

A Better Way to Communicate Cross-Company

By Lindsey Baine

We’ve all been there. We get a calendar invite from a customer or vendor, but the online meeting service is unfamiliar. When the meeting starts, we fumble around with the link and dial-in, wasting precious time and guaranteeing an awkward start to the call. Even worse? We can’t join the meeting because our systems can’t communicate.

These collaboration roadblocks between organisations are real. When a company rolls out a new technology, such as Skype for Business, its users become ingrained in that service. The workflows and features become second-nature, and familiarity reigns.

But what happens when you need to meet with someone outside your company, who does not use that same tool?

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Increasing productivity and profit through videoconferencing

by Lindsey Baine

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