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4 Ways Video Collaboration Drives Innovation

By Gillian K. Dalslaaen

The sharing of ideas, requests, and feedback are all important parts of the innovative process. Learn how video communication can help.

Effective collaboration and communication are essential when it comes to your company’s success. The sharing of ideas, requests, and feedback are all important parts of the innovative process. If your company doesn’t have effective communication between all departments, your productivity will suffer. Video communication and collaboration provides everyone with the tools needed to effectively express their ideas, bring attention to their needs, and ask the important questions.

Face-to-face collaboration can now be accessible to everyone and from anywhere. To make the most of your research and development (R&D) team’s talents, you need the right collaborative tools. Connecting in real time is the most effective way for your team to achieve the highest standards. Video collaboration is one of the fastest rising technology trends in the manufacturing industry, and for good reason.

How Video Collaboration Benefits You

There are many benefits to the incorporation of a proper communications network. If video collaboration isn’t part of your company’s R&D tools yet, here are four reasons why it should be:

  • Bringing everyone together. Throughout the R&D chain, there are many groups and individuals working on their own aspects of the same project. Videoconferencing and collaboration tools give everyone the ability to work together, virtually face-to-face—ultimately contributing to better productivity. Each department then has the ability to be informed pretty much in real time of progress, problems, and solutions as they relate to the project at hand.
  • Instant feedback. Getting instant feedback is crucial for efficiency. When you have the ability to see the person you’re talking to, there's less chance of miscommunication, which leads to fewer errors and superior production processes. Less time spent waiting for input means the tasks at hand are wrapped up sooner, your business saves money, innovative contributions are encouraged, and your company’s reputation can be improved.
  • Mobility. Video collaboration no longer means everyone needs to sit in conference rooms to share across departments. Technology has made video collaboration tools mobile. With the use of personal devices, anyone can use video and instant messaging platforms, from anywhere - including anywhere within your business. This eliminates wait times and shortens production completion cycles.
  • Every idea can be heard. Visual communication is much more effective than text or audio. When all parties can see the others involved in a project, they can interject and contribute their ideas clearly without hesitation. This creates a deeper understanding of the issues at hand and encourages innovative ways to solve problems.

The benefits of video collaboration go far beyond the ones we’ve listed here. In the R&D world, live collaboration is critical to effective and precise production. Aside from driving innovation, video conferencing saves money, boosts productivity, and saves energy. Integrating video collaborative tools into your manufacturing process is the ideal way to create a cohesive working environment that inspires creativity and innovation from all team members. And there's a videoconferencing solution out there for everyone, too—whether your business is small or large, in the tech industry or in banking. The trick is choosing the right one for your needs.

For example, think about not only the size of your business, but the nature of your meetings. Do you need to share data or presentations? Also think about how many locations or sites will be collaborating on one call. Finally, make sure your network can support videoconferencing.

If video collaboration isn’t a part of your company’s communication tools, now is the time to look into it. Using the best tools to achieve successful innovation and productivity is what it’s all about, and video collaboration and effective communication are vital parts of realizing that success.

by Gillian K. Dalslaaen

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