4 Benefits of Cloud Video: Enterprise Video Meetings On The Go

By Gillian K. Dalslaaen

In days gone by enterprise video primarily relied on large, expensive hardware systems installed in physical conference rooms. This tended leave videoconferencing communications traditionally centered around rigid, carefully planned scheduling and physical conference rooms.

It was usually expensive to roll out across an organization, as well as being too inflexible for many business environments beyond specific, pre-planned workflows. However, the emergence of cloud technology has helped transform the concept of many IT tools for business, and videoconferencing is no exception. 

VCaaS (videoconferencing-as-a-service) has emerged, alongside other similar SaaS (software-as-a-service) models, as a tool truly able to adapt to the changing needs of the modern enterprise. By utilizing the latest in cloud computing technology, VCaaS has helped to to move video meetings and calls beyond the boardroom and physical conferencing systems, and out to the whole enterprise.    

The ability to offer a range of connectivity options and devices offers users real choice in how to use video in the way that best suits their needs. With VCaaS, almost any type of camera enabled device - smartphone, tablet or desktop - can join the larger, more traditional videoconferencing systems with minimum concern over compatibility issues - videoconferencing endpoints, Android/iOS mobile devices, Skype for Business – VCaaS accommodates them all, without breaking a sweat. Suddenly, your video strategy is as agile as your people are, following them from device to device, place to place.

1. It Will Make Your Communications More Responsive

Enterprise video used to be all thinking ahead with very little scope for last minute changes, needing to be arranged around fixed times and a specified location to succeed. Great for high-level communications like a planned board meeting, but not so great for unplanned events, like crisis management. In the real world, unexpected things happen outside of our convenience; gathering people in one place at the same time and making sure they all know where to go, and have access to the right equipment, are all factors slowing down your response to any kind of issue, or even just regular productivity levels. 

With cloud video, people can use the device of their choice to join a hastily arranged conference call using a virtual meeting room (VMR). These are arranged with a permanent address or 'phone' number formatted like an email address, so when you’re coordinating a response to an event like a system outage, people already know where to go immediately. This avoids having to send out new invites links or waiting for people to arrive in front of a specified video system; people just use the same fixed way to join each time saving valuable time.    

And how about that eureka moment you have just had in the office and you want to share with your colleagues in Paris? You could send an email, then call and discuss the email on the phone. Or, you could call your colleague on video, share your screen and work on your idea face to face.

4 Benefits of Cloud Video: Enterprise Video Meetings On The Go

2. The Benefits Can Be Seen Right Away

As it's built to be really user-friendly, mobile videoconferencing through the cloud doesn’t require lots of training or expensive support from IT departments. Unlike some technology implementations that can be complicated to manage and roll out, mobile videoconferencing isn’t a tool most non-technical employees are hesitant to start using. Most people have already had at least some experience with consumer video services already, so the adoption of video in the workplace is a natural extension of their behaviour outside the office.

When workers are able to communicate with their own choice of device, they’re provided with a level of confidence that makes using the system a habit. And more face-to-face communication can open up opportunities to build better, more personal relationships with everyone, from vendors or clients, to coworkers located in other offices. 

3. It Gives Your People More Freedom Whilst Maintaining Their Productivity

Videxio app for videoconferencing

It's now more possible than ever for employees to connect while out of the office. Whether you need to work from home because your kid got sick, or you’re traveling and need to make an unplanned call out in the field, mobile videoconferencing is a simple way to keep teams connected and productive, without worrying about the right system or hardware being available in every employee’s home office, hotel room or satellite office. They just need a device that connects to the cloud.  

4. It Pays Off in More Ways Than Just Your ROI

Reducing the need to travel and its inherent expenses is a big benefit of videoconferencing. But it’s not just the money saved on your bottom line from less plane tickets and hotel reservations– how about happier, more energetic employees enjoying a better work/life balance as they’re on the road less and at home more. Or how about the warm glow you will inside knowing you helped reduce your corporate carbon footprint?  

And there are other indirect ways it can impact you overall ROI. For example, reaching a decision over mobile video will be faster than creating multiple, messy email threads, or hosting a traditional audio conference call, as observing everyone’s body language and facial expressions helps contribute to richer context and decreasing the potential for misunderstandings. This more insightful and collaborative way to communicate can then help to contribute to more streamlined and honest dialogue in your company, boosting both productivity and trust in your organization.  

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by Gillian K. Dalslaaen

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