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11 ways Videxio delivers a great web conferencing experience

By Lindsey Baine

The way we work is changing. The workforce is more mobile than ever, and we no longer have to wait for everyone to be in the same office to meet — we can launch meetings in an instant with guests around the world. 

This mobility has changed employees’ expectations for unified communications (UC) tools. Today, we expect flexible, ad hoc collaboration where everyone can participate, regardless of location. We need to be able to join meetings quickly, share content instantly, and talk to anyone. 

To keep up with this shift, our collaboration tools have also evolved. Whereas audio conferencing bridges used to be the norm, web conferencing then followed suit for its visual capabilities. Many companies today still rely on these audio and web conferencing solutions for their most important meetings, but may not realize what they are missing. Consider how you can get even more benefits by consolidating your tools into a single collaboration platform. 

“The most essential features of web and video conferencing, and even audio conferencing, are quickly converging into a single platform approach that satisfies the collaboration requirements of most routine virtual meetings.” Rob Arnold, Frost & Sullivan

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Get more value, while keeping the features you love

Many web conferencing solutions lack the interactive, engaging format that employees today crave. By design, they are built for one-to-many meetings, rather than collaborative meetings where everyone participates, and they can often feel rigid and clunky. And in today’s mobile workforce where guests join meetings from the road, minute-based charges for audio participants can be a huge turnoff.

The good news is that you can keep many of the web conferencing features you love such as screen sharing and chat, while getting even more value from face-to-face video, integrations with other tools like Skype for Business, and more reliable, higher-quality meetings. 

Here are a few ways Videxio can provide an even richer web conferencing-like experience:

1. Video - Engage your participants better using face-to-face video. You can “read the room” better, build stronger relationships, and make sure that everyone is seen. People are at the heart of your business, so keep them front and center in your meetings, instead of relegated to a small box in the corner of the screen.

2. Chat - Share links with other participants, troubleshoot common issues (i.e. enabling microphone/camera access, adjusting browser settings, muting), manage Q&As during large meetings like town halls or all-hands.

3. HD content sharing - Share your full desktop or just an application window in crystal-clear 1080p display. Anyone in the meeting can share content like presentations, documents, websites, videos and more in real time, while keeping face-to-face video displayed.

4. Recording - Make sure that no one misses a beat, even if they miss the meeting. Our live streaming and recording feature lets you easily record meetings to access them later.

5. Integrated voice - Ever joined a meeting over the phone for audio and through the computer for content? We think that’s silly. Keep it simple with one integrated experience for audio and video.

6. Audio-only option - If video is not convenient for your guests, give them the option to join via audio-only (and still view your content).

7. Unlimited minutes - The point of collaboration is to talk, so we don’t place time restrictions on calls or charge you by the minute. Avoid abrupt call endings and talk as long as you’d like.

8. Better quality - You should not tolerate poor quality audio and video that lags, does not sync, or worst of all, drops completely. Videxio calls run on our own dedicated network built just for our customers, so your media traffic does not compete with others on the public internet.

9. Talk to anyone - We all have our favorite collaboration platforms with familiar workflows and user interfaces. With Videxio, you can join any meeting you are invited to — Skype for Business, Zoom, WebEx, BlueJeans, etc. — all in your familiar interface.

10. Easy to join - Don’t make guests fumble around to find the right dial-in or download a plugin. Get into meetings faster by clicking one big red button in the middle of the screen.

11. Call others directly - When you need to talk on the fly, use Videxio to call colleagues point-to-point, without having to schedule a meeting. Whether using a conference room system, laptop, browser, or mobile device, you can start talking instantly. 

Web conferencing has its benefits, but for a richer, more engaging experience, choose a solution that brings you face-to-face with your guests over video. Click the banner below to get a 30-day free trial of Videxio's  service:


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by Lindsey Baine

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