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This is why we chose to use Videxio videoconferencing

By Tom Banks

Two big reasons why BankID and Erik Larsen chose Videxio as their professional videoconferencing solution in the first place was that it’s user-friendly and available wherever you are, whenever you need it.

BankID had already been users of videoconferencing for a while when they started looking for a cloud service. Their search was spurred by the need to talk to customers and partners who were using different platforms and systems to conduct conference calls. BankID required the means of connecting with these contacts simply and seamlessly on video. With the Videxio service, they have been able to do precisely that.

Today, video meetings have become an integral part of the daily work in BankID. The employees use it every day to meet with customers, partners and development teams.

“It has increased our customer satisfaction because we are able to communicate faster and more reliable than before. It has also reduced our time to market because we meet with the development team more frequent now”, says Eric Larsen - Head of Operations at BankID.



These are amazing results! Here are a few reasons why videoconferencing have contributed to better customer satisfaction and faster time to the market.


BankID provides secure digital identification and digital signature service to the entire Norwegian banking industry, as well as public digital services and other sectors. It’s especially important, in the banking industry, to focus on security. Eric Larsen explains that this is one of the reasons why they chose the Videxio service:

“In the banking sector, security is of course important. The Videxio service is both reliable and secure”.

Therefore Videxio is an excellent provider of a videoconferencing system for BankID so that no uninvited guests are listening in on your calls for example.

As people are increasingly using two different devices (such as personal devices and tablets) to access various work tools and services, this can raise security concerns. Especially in larger enterprises managing large numbers of users. With videoconferencing, sensitive or proprietary information is regularly exchanged, and employers need to feel confident that no one else can access information without permission. But what actually are the potential risks of non-secure communication? And, what steps can IT departments improve with security around live video calls and conferences, as more and more people dial in from anywhere?

Take a look at our tips for securing tour video calls and what you should look for by clicking here.

Larsen also states that they chose Videxio because it is user-friendly. Investing in a system that is easy to use for everyone is essential to ensure efficiency and productivity. If setting up a virtual meeting is difficult to set up it will only be time-consuming.


Crisis management

The videoconferencing systems of the past were not always flexible enough to cope with unexpected events where responsiveness was key. But the emergence of cloud video conferencing, or VCaaS (videoconferencing-as-a-service), has started to transform the way businesses are able to capitalize on video, providing a more flexible framework in which to execute video calls and ad hoc meetings. This means video is now more user-friendly so that it can adapt to situations where prior planning isn't possible.

For BankID, a secure videoconferencing system is vital for crisis management. If there is a crisis, BankID needs to establish a meeting room very quickly. Having a dedicated Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) already set up makes the whole process a whole lot easier.

Luckily they don’t need to do this too often, but when they do, Larsen states, it’s very nice not to have to rely on people to create the meeting and distribute the call. Having a VMR already set up and ready is both comforting and efficient in a crisis.

“During a crisis, we need both quality and availability, luckily Videxio gives us both,” says Larsen

A crisis can happen at any time and Larsen states that it’s good to know that Videxio is always available.

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Using Virtual Meeting Rooms

Bank ID has given each team member their own virtual meeting room (VMR). A VMR is a digital meeting room that’s available at all times - you don’t have to schedule a meeting to join the room.

For BankID, this means that each individual on their team can invite participants to their meeting room from the device and platform of their choice, whenever they need to get together. They don’t need to squeeze into a conference room, wait for people to travel to their offices or search for a suitable room for the number of people to be involved in the meeting.

Now, they can just go ahead and connect. If they do, however, still want to use a physical meeting space, that option is also available to them through dedicated videoconferencing units registered to the Videxio service.

“If they need a more formal setting then they can use a physical meeting room with dedicated videoconferencing units connected to the Videxio service,” says Larsen.

Join BankID in the line of success, by using the Videxio Service.

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by Tom Banks

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